Artificial Intelligence and Drone Tactics Maneuver into Advanced Military Simulations

The war in Ukraine has made drones a powerful frontline weapon, more user-friendly AIs have been created, and the quality of computer graphics has also improved.

'New Threats' to National Security Are Created by Emerging Tech, DHS Chief Says

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas highlighted a few of the technologies endangering national security during a Tuesday Senate hearing.

US Needs Improved Regulation to Foster Drone R&D

Unmanned aircraft system innovation is hindered by the current regulatory framework, according to witnesses at a congressional hearing.

Senators Request Cyber Safety Analysis of Chinese-Owned DJI Drones

Lawmakers raised concerns that sensitive data could leak to adversaries through foreign-owned consumer technology. 

The Reaper UAV Is Getting Its Own Drone Swarm

Air Force special operators are rigging the venerable uncrewed aircraft with an ISR swarm that may take just one person to control.

NASA Tests Autonomous Aircraft Decision Tech in Arizona Cities

The agency is aiming to help air vehicles respond to anomalies—such as weather changes—faster, as the vehicles are used to provide essential services.

New Legislation Seeks to Upgrade Commercial Drone Rules

A bipartisan bill aims to carve a more straightforward path for commercial drone technology approval.

DHS Calls for Counter-Drone Information to Help Fight Threats

The request for information will help the Department of Homeland Security learn about industry capabilities for counter-unmanned aircraft systems.

FCC Releases Proposed Rule to Give Drones More Spectrum Access

As unmanned aircraft systems have increasingly versatile uses, the FCC wants comments on how best to share band access with more connected devices.

Veterans Health Administration, Verizon Working to Test 5G Drone Technology

An innovation hub at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System is undertaking a pilot program to test and deploy 5G drones and related technologies to improve safety.

A Look Into Proposed Tech Amendments for the 2023 NDAA

Hot topics proposed as add-ons to the Defense budget bill included expanded artificial intelligence investment and supply chain independence.

U.S. Imposes Semiconductor and Aviation Tech Sanctions on Russia

The sanctions follow international concern over unmanned aerial vehicles tech found amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Lockheed Martin, Verizon Demonstrate Capabilities of 5G-Enabled Drones for DOD

Recent tests showcase how multiple drones can conduct real-time transfers of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data to geolocate military targets.

Bipartisan Bill Aims to Use Grants to Increase Drone Usage For Infrastructure Assessment

The legislation would authorize grants to use American drones for infrastructure assessment and maintenance as well as for workforce training and education.

NOAA and Saildrone Launch Several Hurricane-Tracking Surface Drones

The agency uses drones to collect hurricane data and help improve hurricane weather forecasts.

Government Authority to Counter Drones Gets Expansion Under New Legislation 

The Senate bill  would extend the DHS and DOJ’s drone-countering abilities that are set to expire in October, while also implementing some of the Biden administration’s recommendations for mitigating risks posed by potentially malicious drones.

Russia Seems to Be Running Low on Drones

The Russian military wrote the book on tactical drones in 2014. Now its leaders are begging foreign partners and regional officials to help replace downed UAVs.