Artificial Intelligence

2024 NDAA eyes rapid ATOs for emerging tech

Artificial intelligence is also a hot topic within the annual defense policy bill.


The defense industrial base is 'in crisis,' expert tells Hill panel

The defense establishment is not equipped to develop, acquire and onboard emerging technologies at scale, according to a draft report from the Pentagon, and witnesses at a recent House hearing called for deeper, stronger ties between government and industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Human operators must be held accountable for AI’s use in conflicts, Air Force secretary says

The Pentagon needs “to find a way to hold people accountable” for what artificial intelligence technologies do in future conflicts, according to Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall.

Artificial Intelligence

AI’s military use is limited by maturity concerns, CENTCOM official says

A U.S. Central Command official noted that “performance is still quite up and down” with AI, even as officials continue to experiment with the emerging technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

Inside DARPA’s search for an 'autonomous scientist' to support its researchers

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is on the hunt for foundational AI models that can aid in the scientific discovery process.

Artificial Intelligence

Pentagon releases responsible AI toolkit

Released by Defense Department’s Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office, the toolkit is meant to help the department ethically incorporate emerging tech across its mission.


DOD launches platform to educate workforce on AI basics

The new program will provide DOD’s civilian and military personnel with access to a Massachusetts Institute of Technology service that consists of “bite-sized learning assets” on AI tools and other technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

Pentagon initiative shows AI helps leaders decide in a ‘data-driven way,’ official says

The deputy chief of the Pentagon’s AI office said the adoption of new tools and technologies is helping the department’s combatant commanders “access information and make better decisions.”


Defense firms can take steps now to comply with enhanced cyber standards, industry officials say

The next version of the Pentagon’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification is expected to be released later this month and will “set the bar higher” for security requirements.


Service member influencers are helping DOD recruit, Pentagon official says

Social media posts shared by “genuine service members on their own” are helping the Pentagon recruit more young Americans into the U.S. military, according to the deputy secretary of defense.


Data on active-duty servicemembers is a available for purchase online, report says

A new study from Duke University sheds light on how easy it is to find U.S military personnel online for a price.


DOD’s new AI and data strategy aims to scale adoption of new technologies

The Pentagon’s new data, analytics and artificial intelligence adoption strategy establishes a “hierarchy of needs” to help the department utilize emerging technologies.


Defense intelligence director voices support for a cyber-specific intel center

DIA Director Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier said his agency needs “to get our act together on intelligence support to cyber operations.”


DISA looks to the open market for secure web browsing contract

A contracting notice indicates that the Defense Department is looking to compete the service that protects its systems from web-based attacks.

Emerging Tech

New ‘Hyperspace Challenge’ aims to pair mature space tech with DOD, Space Force

The upcoming Hyperspace Challenge will link industry with the Defense Department and inform them of various opportunities to partner.


Defense tech official charged in dogfighting ring indictment

Frederick Moorefield, a deputy chief information officer at the Defense Department, is alleged to have participated in an illegal dogfighting ring.


How better data can support military training and performance

COMMENTARY | Wearable computers along with AR and VR capabilities can generate data to customize military training to enhance performance and improve the mental and physical health of trainees throughout their service and the rest of their lives.

Artificial Intelligence

Agency leaders see data analytics and customer service uses for AI

Tech officials told lawmakers they are focused on a socio-technical approach to AI use cases in the government, saying it is not “one size fits all.”


New Pentagon cyber strategy emphasizes industry and global partnerships

A top Defense Department official described the private sector as “absolutely essential” in implementing the agency’s new cyber strategy.

Artificial Intelligence

NSA ‘recently completed’ AI strategic study, director says

Outgoing chief Gen. Paul Nakasone looks back, forward, and pushes for Sec. 702 authority.