Artificial Intelligence

Pentagon official says US values will outcompete Beijing in AI 

The U.S. continues to lead the global AI arms race with China “because it's powered by a free and open society, committed to responsible-use values and ideals,” according to Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks.


Nearly 300 comment on proposed CMMC rule

The Defense Department now has to process and respond to the comments before it issues the final version of the industry-wide rule in the fall.


Top Pentagon IT official departs deputy CIO role

Lily Zeleke will be taking over “new responsibilities” at the agency, though it’s still unknown what her new position is.

Artificial Intelligence

DOD’s generative AI task force looks for ‘blind spots’

The head of the Pentagon’s Task Force Lima initiative estimated that 60% of its use cases are for a chatbot.

Artificial Intelligence

DOD's AI strategy leans on high-quality data

Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer Craig Martell said private sector companies will play a crucial role in the Pentagon’s adoption of AI technologies and the pursuit of high-quality data.


The Pentagon is notifying individuals affected by 2023 email data breach

The exposed contents were not secured with a password at the time of their compromise.

Artificial Intelligence

Adding generative AI to wargame training can improve realism, but not without risk

The next big move may be to make military simulations smarter, specifically by adding advanced AI so that the simulated adversaries can offer better challenges.


Proposed contractor cyber reporting rule sets a ‘significantly problematic’ bar, industry groups say

The groups, which represent tech and cybersecurity companies sometimes contracted by the government, say the proposals are too rigorous and inconsistent.


Defense Innovation Board looks to lock data access in 'all vendor agreements'

A recent study from the advisory group said data access requirements in the Pentagon’s vendor agreements are “fragmented and inconsistent” and called for Congress to take action.

Artificial Intelligence

Pentagon’s new bug bounty seeks to find bias in AI systems

The head of DOD’s Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office said “the outcome of the AI bias bounties could powerfully impact future DOD AI policies and adoption.”

Artificial Intelligence

DISA plots 'concierge AI' to help staffers

The agency is undertaking some early proof of concept initiatives, including a “concierge AI” tool, to see how emerging technologies can support its workforce.


Expect ‘AI versus AI’ cyber activity between US and adversaries, Pentagon official says

Researchers and officials say AI will usher in the next phase of cyber warfare, enabling new ways to carry out classic cyberattacks and build out new hacking tools.


Pentagon’s cyber red teams get clearer roles, governance

A document released by DOD’s chief information officer attempts to “address gaps in existing guidance” when it comes to the activities of the department’s cyber red teams.


Space Force is crafting in-house cyber teams but sees need for closer work with USCYBERCOM

U.S. Cyber Command has been “an incredible partner” to the Space Force but does not currently have any personnel from the military branch within its ranks, a top official said.


Pentagon issues proposed CMMC rule

The long-anticipated draft rule, which will be officially published on Dec. 26, outlines proposed updates to DOD’s cybersecurity requirements for defense contractors and subcontractors who handle sensitive military data.

Artificial Intelligence

Who is an AI worker? The Pentagon needs a better definition, GAO says

The Pentagon “can't fully identify who is part of its AI workforce or which positions require personnel with AI skills,” according to a new congressional watchdog report.

Artificial Intelligence

2024 NDAA eyes rapid ATOs for emerging tech

Artificial intelligence is also a hot topic within the annual defense policy bill.


The defense industrial base is 'in crisis,' expert tells Hill panel

The defense establishment is not equipped to develop, acquire and onboard emerging technologies at scale, according to a draft report from the Pentagon, and witnesses at a recent House hearing called for deeper, stronger ties between government and industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Human operators must be held accountable for AI’s use in conflicts, Air Force secretary says

The Pentagon needs “to find a way to hold people accountable” for what artificial intelligence technologies do in future conflicts, according to Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall.

Artificial Intelligence

AI’s military use is limited by maturity concerns, CENTCOM official says

A U.S. Central Command official noted that “performance is still quite up and down” with AI, even as officials continue to experiment with the emerging technologies.