Emerging Tech

Air Force Seeking Research on Electronic Intelligence Tech

The Air Force Research Lab is looking for white papers outlining new technologies and methodologies for signal processing. 

Emerging Tech

Pentagon Seeks TurboTax-Like Tool for Artificial Intelligence Purchases

It’s part of a new acquisition model that would explore the potential of pursuing contracts outside the Federal Acquisition Regulation, mixed with traditional contracts.


Pentagon’s Contractor Cybersecurity Program Approaches Testing Phase 

The pending non-profit in charge of issuing certifications is moving forward with training for assessors as a key aspect of its arrangement with the Defense Department could be in flux. 


Pentagon Plans Single-Award $11B IT Contract

The Defense Enclave Services contract could go out for bid as soon as late September.

Emerging Tech

Navy Program Will Use AI on Drone Images to Predict Fleet Maintenance Needs

Simple Technology Solutions will use Google Cloud to build a machine learning tool trained on drone images.

Emerging Tech

Air Force Taps Machine Learning to Speed Up Flight Certifications

The Air Force SEEK EAGLE Office cleaned up its “data swamp” and implemented a machine learning application, and it's making the flight certification process more efficient.

Emerging Tech

Air Force to Craft a Quantum Information Science Strategy—and Wants Help

The service is on the lookout for a contractor with a proven track record in the quantum development space.


Why CMMC Could Be Our Best Weapon to Fight Back Against Chinese IP Theft

The newfound penchant toward action is an opportunity to raise the bar for cybersecurity and better secure American IP.


Pentagon Acquisition Chief Clarifies Temporary Extension for Implementing Chinese Equipment Ban

A recent memo allows vendors additional time to comply with Section 889 for certain low-risk goods, but the department is not seeking mass extensions, Ellen Lord told reporters.

CIO Briefing

NSA Offers Tips To Limit Location Data Exposure

The National Security Agency released a set of guidelines outlining how the federal workforce and the general public can mitigate risks associated with personal location data.

IT Modernization

The Pandemic is Pushing the Pentagon Toward Classified Telework

The Defense Information Systems Agency and the U.S. Air Force are expanding their classified remote work capabilities.

Emerging Tech

Pentagon Launches New Task Force to Study UFOs

The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force will hone in on unidentified aircraft that might pose a national security threat.


Number of Foreign Companies Within Defense Supply Chain Grew Over Past Decade, Report Says

Reliance on foreign suppliers in the defense industrial base rose—notably in packaged software and IT services—even as calls for reshoring increase, according to a new report.

Emerging Tech

The Pentagon’s AI Factory Gets a Powerful New Tool

The Joint Common Foundation aims to help the Department to standardize and secure its data and make it easier to find.

Emerging Tech

How Agencies Can Tackle Tech Talent Gaps

Strong brands and room for risk might pay off where government salaries don’t, federal officials said.


Pentagon Wants Contractor Feedback on Rule Change that Bans Certain Chinese Firms

A provision of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act banning agencies from contracting with companies doing business with Chinese firms like Huawei and ZTE now takes effect.