FBI, DOJ Seize Website Addresses, Associated Illegal Data Sales, Hacking Services

International law enforcement targeted and confiscated three internet domain names that sell cyberattacks and personal information.

DOJ Issues Guidance for Enforcing Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Nearly a decade after the death of open-access advocate Aaron Schwartz, his legacy is still playing out in cybersecurity policy.

Justice, EEOC Release Guide To Prevent AI Discrimination

A new document builds on burgeoning EEOC regulations to prevent biases in AI technology in the workplace.

US Signs on to New Electronic Evidence Protocol in International Cybercrime Agreement 

The new protocol is officially being added to the Budapest Convention—an arrangement between 66 member-states—after four years of negotiations.

Jury: Former DHS Watchdog Official Stole Software, Employees’ Personal Info

The verdict is in for the last holdout in a scandalous scheme to defraud the government.

DOJ Disrupts Botnet Run by Russian State-Backed Hacking Group Sandworm

A slew of federal officials from the U.S. and U.K. removed malware from among thousands of infected devices, disrupting a global botnet.

Lawmakers Move to ‘Crack Down’ on Dark Web-Based Opioid Trafficking

Three agencies could be required to report on the use of cryptocurrency for drug dealing on the dark web.

U.S. Law Enforcement Charges Russian Nationals In Global Energy Hacking Scheme

Four Russian government employees were indicted with charges of hacking, illegally obtaining information on computer systems and wire fraud, among others. 

Founder of Crypto Trading Platform BitConnect Indicted for $2 Billion 'Global Ponzi Scheme'

The Department of Justice charged Satish Kumbhani with conspiracy to commit fraud and misleading investors in the latest crypto crackdown.

Justice Builds Out Crypto Tracking, International Engagement Teams on Ransomware

The Justice Department will now require prosecutors to consult with the international and cyber crime specialists on significant cyber investigations.

Cryptocurrencies Facilitate an Already Murky Human Trafficking Problem

A House committee hearing spotlit the problematic combination of the usage of virtual currencies and a lack of data surrounding human trafficking in the U.S.

USDA, Justice Launch Website To Report Anticompetitive Behavior in Agriculture

The new portal will allow farmers and ranchers to report unfair behavior from other producers in the industry. 

Man Arrested For Alleged Exportation of Technology To Iran From U.S.

A dual American-Iranian citizen was arrested and charged with one count of conspiracy to illegally export technology and electronic equipment to Iran despite sanctions.

FBI Officials Clarify What the Bureau Wants in Cyber Incident Reporting Bill

However the legislation is eventually passed, CISA plans to share reports with the FBI and other agencies, a Homeland Security official said.

Women Report from the Frontlines of Federal Cryptocurrency Governance

Over the course of 2021, Congress and the administration have recognized significant benefits from diving into the technology, a trend that looks poised to continue.