U.S., Australian Law Enforcement Enter Into Partnership Against Cybercrimes

The U.S. and Australian government partnered under the CLOUD Act, which facilitates electronic communication and data sharing between nations to investigate various crimes.

Sixth Member of International Hacking Community Sentenced in SIM Card Scheme

In response to the growing number of SIM hijacking incidents, federal law enforcement is cracking down on perpetrators.

White House Holiday Warning Identifies Options for Reporting Ransomware

The FBI has a prominent portal for entities to report cybersecurity incidents, but Congress is considering legislation that officials fear could change the current dynamic.

Iranian Nationals Charged with Election Interference

The Justice Department identified two hackers as conspirators in cyberattacks aimed at spreading voter intimidation and election disinformation. 

U.S. Government Acts Against Alleged REvil Hackers

The Justice Department announced two indictments while the State Department offered $10 million for information on other conspirators. 

Better Data Would Help Federal Response to Missing Indigenous Women, Watchdog Says

The Government Accountability Office recommends improving database access and management, as well as better communication, to help resolve cases of missing and murdered Native American and Alaskan women.

Justice Official Dangles Liability Protections to Encourage Private-Sector Breach Reports

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco also promised to compensate whistleblowers who reveal federal contractors misrepresenting their cybersecurity posture.

DOJ Announces Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team

The group will include cybersecurity and anti-money laundering experts looking to crack down on ransomware and other criminal efforts. 

DOJ to Hit Government Contractors with ‘Very Hefty Fines’ If They Fail to Disclose Data Breaches

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco promised to use an existing law to go after contractors that don't follow required cybersecurity standards.

DOJ Seeks Congressional Funding to Implement Policy on Body-Worn Cameras

The announcement follows tensions with some local police departments over the authority to release footage recorded during joint operations.

Justice Department Announces New Cyber Fellowship Program

The program is designed for attorneys and requires a three-year commitment.

Agencies Unveil Plans to Fight Ransomware—Including Paying for Tips

The State Department’s Rewards for Justice program is offering a reward of up to $10 million for information about attackers targeting U.S. critical infrastructure.

DOJ to Help Rural and Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies Buy Body-Worn Cameras

The competitive grants program will also help agencies with fewer than 50 personnel.

Britney Spears’ Testimony Spurs Lawmakers to Question Federal Guardianship Data

They asked the Justice and Health and Human Services departments to provide more information about the legal arrangements.

Justice Took Down Two Domains Used in USAID Hack 

The action demonstrates the department’s authorities beyond attributing malicious cyber activity.