U.S. Imposes Semiconductor and Aviation Tech Sanctions on Russia

The sanctions follow international concern over unmanned aerial vehicles tech found amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

US-UK Data Sharing Program Goes Into Effect

The bilateral CLOUD agreement between both nations aims to provide law enforcement with access to valuable data to fight transatlantic and international crime.

NSA Employee Leaked Classified Cyber Intel, Charged with Espionage

Former NSA InfoSec Designer Jareh Sebastian Dalke was arrested by the FBI in Denver, Colorado on Wednesday as part of a sting operation.

FCC Adds China-linked Telecom Providers to List of National Security Threats

The departments of Defense and Justice want the agency to take a more comprehensive approach to preventing foreign adversaries from accessing Americans’ communications and data.

Justice Officials Release Framework for Policing Crime in Crypto Space

Complimenting the new national digital asset framework, law enforcement is planning similar steps to combat crime in the crypto marketplace. 

Defense, Justice Call for FCC Rulemaking to Secure Internet Routing, Opposing NTIA

The departments cited comments from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and said a regulatory approach would have a greater impact “industry-wide” than dealing with entities case-by-case.

Whole-of-Government Effort Targets Iranian Hackers

An unsealed indictment from the Department of Justice accompanied  sanctions and an advisory with international allies warning against government-linked Iranian hackers.

IRS Executes Summons for Financial Records of Crypto Transactions

The federal regulatory agency is asking for details from trading platform sFOX on users who engaged in at least $20,000 worth of transactions. 

Senators Urge DOJ to Flex Debarment Authority

Two Democrats say that companies are getting away with "ripping off the government" because of the reluctance to exercise suspension and debarment authorities.

Fueled by Virtually Unrestricted Social Media Access, White Nationalism is on the Rise and Attracting Violent Young White Men

Social media provides a platform for attracting violent extremists that has never existed before.

Government Authority to Counter Drones Gets Expansion Under New Legislation 

The Senate bill  would extend the DHS and DOJ’s drone-countering abilities that are set to expire in October, while also implementing some of the Biden administration’s recommendations for mitigating risks posed by potentially malicious drones.

These Are the Agencies Federal Employees Are Leaving at the Highest Rates

After jumping during the pandemic, the government's overall attrition rate has stabilized.

Lack of Oversight Continues to Harm Accessibility of Federal Websites, Senators Say

DOJ has not issued reports on federal agencies’ compliance with accessibility standards in a decade, despite many federal websites still remaining inaccessible.

U.S. Courts Still Suffer Poor IT Management Following 2020 Breach, Watchdog Finds

A U.S. Government Accountability Office’s report indicates insufficient IT workforce planning and management at the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, following the office’s 2020 system breach.

Lawmakers Question DOJ’s National Security Division on Cybersecurity, Surveillance

The House Judiciary Committee raised concerns over  three hostile foreign actors that breached court systems in early 2020, in addition to questions about the surveillance of Americans.

US-UK Data Access Agreement Will Go Into Effect Later This Year

The Department of Justice said the CLOUD Act partnership will give investigators in both countries quicker access to data held by service providers.

Justice Recovered $500K for Victims, Traced Ransomware Payments to China

The announcement emphasizes the department’s new strategy to address cyber threats, which also includes enforcing financial penalties for federal contractors misrepresenting their cyber defenses.