Health Tech

AFWERX Looks to Buy Thousands of COVID-19-Spotting Wearable Devices

The innovation unit is interested in accessing them in as quick as 60 days.

VA Turns to Machine Learning to Automate Prescription Workflows

One of the agency’s senior innovation-focused officials also shed light on how additive manufacturing might disrupt modern health care.

Move to Telehealth Strains Therapists and Their Clients

A big issue was client access to technology and reliable internet services.

Pentagon Scientists Seek Device to Detect COVID-19 in the Air

The Pentagon’s research and development arm is looking for new ways to detect coronavirus.

Watch App Identifies Sounds for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People

People found the app was useful for letting them know if there was something that they should pay attention to.

Naval Hospitals Deploy Germ-Killing Robots Amid Pandemic

The tools are intended to provide an extra level of disinfection against COVID-19.

Health Insurers Are Starting to Roll Back Coverage for Telehealth – Even Though Demand Is Way Up Due to COVID-19

Due to the financial strain on health care systems and insurers, the increase in telehealth use may be forced to shrink even though the public health crisis remains.

VA Launches New Electronic Health Record Platform Amid a Pandemic, Wildfires and Citywide Power Outages

Nature seemed to be against the Veterans Affairs Department’s new EHR system. But officials are reporting a “flawless” cutover for the first deployment.

AI Checks out 'Rash Selfies' to Detect Lyme Disease

Researchers trained the tool to identify redness associated from Lyme disease from other skin problems.

VA-DOD Health Exchange Adds 15,000-Member Hospital Network

The CommonWell Health Alliance officially joined the joint health information exchange, broadening the government’s ability to digitally share patient data with private health care providers.

VA Takes Important Step in Prep for New Health Records Launch

The Veterans Affairs Department successfully transferred data of thousands of patients to its new electronic health records system.

Tech Prints Sensors Right onto Human Skin

The sensors are capable of precisely and continuously capturing temperature, humidity, blood oxygen levels, and heart performance signals.

CISA Leader Puts Health Sector Project on the Level of Election Security Initiative

A senior adviser brought in to boost the pandemic-driven effort says new materials are coming and stresses the importance of organizations acting on the agency’s advisories as part of their risk calculus.

Lawmakers See Equity-Enhancing Future for Telehealth Beyond Pandemic

Reps. Robin Kelly, D-Ill., and Anna Eshoo, D-Calif., view telehealth services as a key tool to promote equity in health care post-pandemic