Health Tech

VA Seeks to Train Staff to Use 3D Printing to Personalize Care for Patients

The agency is actively engaging stakeholders to create new opportunities for training and innovation.

Tech Startup Brings Diabetic Ulcer Solution to Veterans Affairs Clinics

The Podimetrics SmartMat helps veterans detect the condition and highlights the power of public-private collaboration.

FDA Seeks Virtual Heart to Test Medical Devices

The agency is looking for a computational model of a whole human heart for simulated device testing. 

Hackathon Aims to Enhance Veterans’ Care through Public-Private Innovation

To kick off a D.C. Hackathon, agency and industry insiders weighed in on driving innovation through federal collaboration.

How VA is Applying Artificial Intelligence to Proactively Solve Veterans’ Problems

The agency’s newly appointed artificial intelligence director outlined his vision and approach.

VA, DOD Hiring Executives To Lead Billion-Dollar Electronic Health Records Overhaul

The jobs entail coordinating between two of the largest bureaucracies in government through one of the most difficult technology transitions to date.

DOD’s Next Electronic Health System Rollout Will Be Different, Officials Say

After a poor showing in the first deployment of the MHS GENESIS electronic health records system, officials have retuned the training system and ensured better infrastructure is in place for the next rollout.

CMS, USDS Pilot Unlocks Patient Data to Boost Provider Care

The project allows health care professionals to see claims information for past treatments instead of relying on patients’ memories.

VA Migrates 23.5 Million Veteran Patient Records To Cerner Data Center

All new patient data will go into the shared Veterans Affairs-Defense Department data center as the two agencies move forward with the massive electronic health records overhaul.

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VA Doesn’t Really Know What It Costs To Run VistA

Lowball estimates for operating the current electronic health records system through the transition to Cerner cast doubt that overall projections are accurate.

Securing the Internet of Things Requires Flexibility, Experts Say

The internet of things is evolving constantly, and so should the rules for keeping those devices secure, they said.

What Connected Patients Risk

Internet-enabled medical devices are designed to improve patient safety but pose a significant risk if left unsecured.

FDA Warns Certain Insulin Pumps Could Be Hacked

The Food and Drug Administration warned that some Medtronic insulin pumps could be manipulated by bad actors. 

White House Wants to Know How Tech Can Help Prevent Veteran Suicides

The Office of Science and Technology Policy is asking for the public to weigh in on its veteran suicide prevention strategy.

What the U.S. Medical System Can Learn From Estonia

Americans waste time and money filling out paperwork and repeating tests in the doctor’s office. A small Baltic nation has found a better way.

More Health IT Isn’t Always Better, Says HHS Digital Service Director

Shannon Sartin and her team are working to cut through convoluted tech and give patients easier access to their data.