Emerging Tech

Medical Consortium Aims to Create Network of Virtual Critical Care Wards

The group seeks to support patients in need of critical care in hospitals and other ad-hoc locations using cloud-based communication technology.


Hospital Hackers Seize Upon Coronavirus Pandemic

“We have become easy targets,” a hospital deputy administrator said.

Emerging Tech

NIH, FDA and VA 3D-Printing Collaboration Turns to Ventilator Parts

So far, about a dozen designs for personal protective gear have gotten the OK for clinical use.


The Air Force and Navy Are Testing A Biometric App to Stay Fit Amid Social Distancing

The app is helping the services monitor the health of sailors and airmen stuck at home.


Why We’re Running Out of Masks

The United States’ secretive medical stockpile was prepped for a bombing, not a pandemic.

Emerging Tech

Pentagon Supercomputers Puzzle Out How to Safely Airlift COVID-19 Patients

The Defense Department turned its supercomputing resources toward solving problems presented by the novel coronavirus pandemic.


Congress Hears Options—And Concerns—for Using Smartphone Data to Fight COVID-19

Other countries have been using various forms of location and proximity tracing to slow the spread of the disease, with widely varying levels of privacy protections.

Emerging Tech

The Army Wants Your Ventilator Ideas

A new contest seeks new designs to meet a growing need.


140 Million Tweets Capture COVID-19's Spread

And it’s publicly available as a resource for the global research community.

Emerging Tech

Wi-Fi Peeks into Buildings to Check Social Distancing

Mapping the Wi-Fi strength of mobile devices can reveal how people move and gather.

CIO Briefing

GSA Creates Buying Guide for COVID-19 Screenings at Federal Buildings

As the government’s buyer and landlord, the General Services Administration created a central contract vehicle for screening services to prevent infected people from entering federal buildings.

IT Modernization

VA Delays Major IT Programs to Focus on COVID-19

The initial rollout of the new electronic health records system will be pushed out—again—as well as pilots for the new scheduling system. A third, integral effort remains on track.


The Technology That Could Free America From Quarantine

Contact tracing is working in South Korea and Singapore. But it raises privacy issues.

Emerging Tech

Pentagon Seeks Innovative Commercial Tech to Address COVID-19 Pandemic

The Air Force solicitation outlines seven mission areas it’s looking to support, including citizen welfare.

Emerging Tech

White House Expands Coronavirus-Focused Supercomputing Consortium

Officials are putting high-performance computing resources to work across the country to help combat COVID-19.

Emerging Tech

'Smart Toilet' Checks You for Diseases Like Cancer

Gadgets inside the toilet bowl can detect a range of disease markers in stool and urine.

IT Modernization

Mid-Pandemic, CDC Looks to Upgrade Its Biosurveillance Database

The system collects data from hospitals, local public health departments, pharmacies and more to give researchers and officials a view of how diseases spread across the country.