Digital Government

2 Data Brokers Pledge to Halt Location Data Collection After Abortion Ruling

The pledge sets a precedent for other tech companies to follow, as health and location data are jeopardized.


North Korea Behind Manually Executed Ransomware Attacks, Federal Agencies Say

Officials are connecting the “Maui” ransomware to attacks on the public health sector over the past year. 


CISA Recommends Immediate Action for Microsoft Exchange Online Users

The recommendation is in line with Executive Order 14028, which requires federal agencies to implement multi factor authentication.


VA Electronic Record System ‘Not Yet Stable Enough’ for Planned Rollouts

The Boise Veterans Affairs Medical Center now plans to deploy the Cerner Millennium system a month later than originally planned, with the year’s remaining rollouts pushed to 2023.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is ‘No Magical Shortcut’ FTC Says in Fighting Disinformation Online

The Federal Trade Commission sent a report to Congress detailing limitations artificial intelligence has in regulating disinformation and harmful online content.


Biden Administration Releases New IT Modernization Plan

The White House Office of Management and Budget plans to prioritize cybersecurity and data decision-making via federal funding.

Digital Government

Bipartisan Bill Establishes All-Encompassing Federal Data Privacy Standards

The American Data Privacy and Protection Act stands to improve American users’ data privacy and offers federal regulatory power.

Emerging Tech

President Biden Invokes Defense Production Act to Boost Clean Energy Manufacturing

Defense officials said invoking the act would reduce reliance on foreign powers for energy resources.


CISA Orders Agencies to Mitigate VMWare Vulnerabilities Under Deadline

Advanced adversaries appear to be exploiting the vulnerabilities to get around multifactor authentication.


Biden Administration Launches New Component To Internet Expansion

The Internet for All program utilizes funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill to deploy internet connectivity nationwide.


US Signs on to New Electronic Evidence Protocol in International Cybercrime Agreement 

The new protocol is officially being added to the Budapest Convention—an arrangement between 66 member-states—after four years of negotiations.


U.S. Enters International Initiative to Oppose Online Disinformation and Censorship

The consortium of countries will work to advance an inclusive global internet to combat digital censorship.


VA, DOD Electronic Health Record System Suffers Nationwide Outage

The three-hour outage prevented more than 95,000 clinician users from accessing and updating patient medical data.


Why Biden's Proposed Investment in Space Object Surveillance is a Big Deal

Space policy and technology experts weighed in on the nearly 800% increase for the Office of Space Commerce included in the FY2023 budget request.


Biden Requests Significant IT, Cyber Investment Increases for 2023

Tech and cybersecurity spending would receive major boosts under President Joe Biden’s proposed 2023 budget.


Russian Aggression Hastens Lawmakers' Push to Enforce Sanctions in Crypto Industry

The Justice Department also launched a ‘KleptoCapture’ task force to target the use of cryptocurrencies for sanctions evasion.


Biden Calls Out Big Tech, Supports Greater Domestic Investment

The president’s State of the Union address touched on several pressing tech topics. 


NIST Updates Cybersecurity Engineering Guidelines

Amid constant cybersecurity threats, NIST added more insight for engineers and programmers on how to mitigate system vulnerabilities.