Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft unveils OpenAI service for government customers

Microsoft is opening up its commercial generative AI technology to public sector customers and partners.

Digital Government

VA Centers Talent Recruitment and Remote Work in Its Operations Revamp 

The agency’s chief people officer described efforts to attract high-skilled workers affected by layoffs across the tech sector and expand telework opportunities to modernize tech-centric operations.

Digital Government

NSA Bills Itself as a 'Soft Landing Place' for Laid off Tech Workers

The intelligence agency has been quietly moving over the past few months to recruit talented workers affected by the wave of layoffs at tech companies and startups.

Digital Government

Lawmakers Intro Bill to Ban TikTok in U.S.

TikTok poses a national security threat, according to lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle.

Emerging Tech

Pentagon Must Harness Commercial Tech to Deter China in Taiwan Strait, Former Officials Say

The Defense Department’s national defense strategy includes investments to deter China’s global ambitions, but a lag in implementation provides opportunity for Beijing to invade Taiwan.

Digital Government

VA Extends Delay of EHR Rollout Until June 2023 to Address ‘Outstanding Issues’

The Department of Veterans Affairs said additional time is needed to streamline deployment of its new electronic health record system to “make sure it is functioning optimally for veterans.”


Social Media Content Regulation Requires G7 Consensus, Think Tank Says

The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation said a U.S.-led forum could develop “a set of voluntary, consensus-based guidelines” for social media platforms to use when moderating user-generated content.

Emerging Tech

Department of Transportation Investing $160 Million for Tech-Centric Projects

Two programs, SMART Grants and ATTAIN, will dole out millions over five years as the Biden administration plans a U.S. transportation overhaul.

Breaking News Cybersecurity

OMB: New Acquisition Rule Coming for Vendors to Vouch for Their Software Security

Agencies are also allowed to accept to-do lists from vendors who need to keep working up to a point where they can self-attest their compliance with NIST guidance.


Whistleblower Explains How Twitter Easily Skirted FTC’s Data Security Enforcement

The former public official—and legendary hacker’s—decision to expose what he described as a disastrous security environment at the company has prompted an unlikely alliance in Congress.

Artificial Intelligence

NIH Injects $130M to Provide Quality Tools, Data for AI in Medicine

The funding comes from the National Institutes of Health’s Bridge2AI program to advance AI research, as well as ethical tools and standards.


U.S. Sanctions Iran—Under New Treasury Rules—for Attack on Albania

The new rules elaborate on what kinds of cyber activities warrant sanctions designation.

Artificial Intelligence

NIST to Release New Playbook for AI Best Practices

Researchers will stress a socio-technical approach—which examines the human impact on technology—to mitigate biases in artificial intelligence systems.


Cyber Threats Warrant a Government Reorganization, Former CISA Head Says

Inaugural CISA director Chris Krebs said the federal government should do more to respond to cybersecurity and data concerns.


Top Republican to 'Seriously Consider Pulling the Plug' on VA's New EHR System

The ranking member of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee plans to introduce legislation before the end of the year to address deficiencies in the rollout of the new Oracle-Cerner electronic health record system.


CBP Built and Deployed an In-House Electronic Health Record System in Under 2 Years

Medical service contractors working for the Customs and Border Protection are using an agency app to record migrants’ medical information instead of just writing it down.


Internal VA Email Calls Postponement of EHR Rollout to Boise ‘Part of the Process’ 

The message to staff said that "more could be done" to streamline planned deployment of new health record software at Boise VA Medical Center.

Digital Government

Biden’s Executive Order Sharpens Health Data Privacy Following Roe v. Wade Overturn

The executive order brings federal enforcement to protecting location and health data, in order to prevent law enforcement abuses.