FBI’s Long-Awaited $5 Billion IT Services Recompete Goes Back To Draft

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The ITSSS recompete is getting a new name, new timeline and new draft solicitation, while the existing contract gets a one-year extension.

The FBI is once again delaying release of the final solicitation for its central $5 billion IT services contract, prompted by more significant changes to the acquisition strategy and the historic government shutdown. Not only that, but the contract is getting a new name and a new draft request for quotes, too.

The Information Technology Supplies and Support Services contract, also known as ITSSS or IT Triple-S, the FBI’s main IT contract, was set to expire in April. After extensive market research and debate, the bureau decided last year to go with a $5 billion, multitrack replacement contract to support needs across the agency.

In October, contracting officers shifted gears, opting to focus on pre-vetted contractors on the General Services Administration’s IT Schedule 70 rather than solicit through an open competition. The move was first in a trend last year, with the Air Force, Pentagon and Homeland Security Department all following suit.

Between the change in acquisition strategy, a swell of interest from industry, the addition of Technology Business Management principles that realigned the categories and a 35-day government shutdown, officials missed the projected Feb. 1 release of the final request for proposals. With the clock ticking down on the current ITSSS—set to expire Monday—FBI contracting officials Thursday announced a one-year extension for the current vehicle and a new name for its replacement.

ITSSS will now be replaced by the Information Technology Enterprise Contract Support, or ITECS, contract. Contracting officials are going back to the beginning with ITECS, with plans to issue a draft solicitation by April 29. On that schedule, questions are due by May 13; industry days will be scheduled in early June; and awards are estimated for the first quarter of fiscal 2020.

With the extension on ITSSS, bureau programs and offices can continue to order off the contract. FBI contracting officials said there are just over 100 active task orders on ITSSS and they expect an additional 30 to be competed and awarded before April 2020.