Legal Specialists Defend GSA's Handover of Transition Emails to Mueller Probe

Letter from Trump counsel claiming that the transition emails were private and privileged largely seen as a political move.

FBI’s Cyber Strategy: Shame The Hackers

The agency is trying to take a more preventive, and not a reactive, security strategy.

If the FBI Has Your Biometrics, It Doesn't Have to Tell You

A final rule blocks millions of citizens from requesting information about the data stored in that system.

Justice Department Takes Drug War to Dark Web Markets

Officials shut down a massive online drug market and warned criminals that they can't hide behind anonymized tools.

4 Internet Crimes Trends to Know

The crime may be virtual, but the losses are not.

DHS, FBI Alert About North Korean Hacking Campaign

It’s rare for the government to attribute cyber mischief to a nation-state.

Comey Says Russian Hackers Targeted 'Hundreds' of Election-Related Entities, and the Real Number 'Could Be More Than 1,000'

The widely publicized email phishing attack on the Democratic National Committee was just one of those.

As Comey Shows, Documenting Conversations With Your Boss Can Be Smart

Careful documentation of meetings via notes and memos is part of the FBI’s culture, but there are sound reasons for ordinary workers to at least consider doing the same when we talk to our bosses.

These Agencies' Websites Are Easiest To Understand

The Plain Writing Act requires agencies to make their content simpler, but not everyone’s on board, according to a report.

Global Ransomware Attack Is Much Bigger Than It First Appeared

A dozen countries were hit in a cyberattack Friday. Such attacks have increased by more than 500 percent in recent years

Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey

A White House statement said he acted on the recommendation of the deputy attorney general and the attorney general.

Comey: The Metadata Made Me Do It

The FBI director tries to explain to Congress his pre-election letters about the missing Clinton emails.

Compromise Spending Bill Includes Cyber Goodies

The Homeland Security Department, FBI and Secret Service all get cyber boosts in the bipartisan bill.

GOP Lawmaker to FBI: Stop the Leaks in Russia Probe or Lose A Key Surveillance Tool

After top cop confirms investigating the Trump campaign, a House member threatens to hold investigatory powers hostage.