Cyber, intelligence chiefs urge U.S. to strengthen against Chinese cyber threats

In a collective call to action, officials warned of invasive actions that China-backed hackers can take against U.S. infrastructure and elections.

Top cyber, intelligence chiefs to call out China as leading cyber threat

Researchers and officials have previously designated China as a clandestine, preparatory operator in cyberspace, quietly breaching and securing systems to use to their advantage at a later time.

Government needs to regulate facial recognition tech, says National Academies

A facial recognition risk management framework, new legislation and more are among the recommendations in a new report requested by the FBI and DHS.

CISA, FBI warn on risks of China-made drones

The new guidance is meant to alert critical infrastructure operators to potential security risks, including data exfiltration and cybersecurity risks, posed by unmanned aircraft systems manufactured in China.

Protests persist for FBI's long-delayed $5B IT contract

ANALYSIS | History looks to be repeating itself as the FBI keeps facing protests after each downselect phase and elimination of bidders.

CISA, FBI warn of social engineering-based ransomware

Federal agencies are revealing more information on the Scattered Spider cybercriminal group in a bid to both prevent breaches and encourage victims to offer more detail on such attacks.

US would be ‘effectively defenseless’ without counter-drone authority extension, FBI director says

The Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice’s authority to mitigate threats from unmanned aircraft systems is set to expire on Nov. 18.

FBI’s new headquarters plan was not influenced by the Trump White House, watchdog says

An inspector general report four years in the making found that FBI officials nixed a plan to move its headquarters to suburban Washington, D.C., for reasons not related to alleged political pressure from the Trump administration. 

North Korean hackers poised to cash out $40 million in bitcoin after crypto heists, FBI warns

The law enforcement agency says it has been tracking large volumes of cryptocurrency stolen by North Korean hackers during a summer of high-profile cyber heists.

CISA conducts largest annual election security drills amid threats targeting voting systems

The nation’s cyber defense agency hosted a three-day election security exercise with state, local and federal officials ahead of the 2024 race.

Agencies Warn of State-Sponsored Volt Typhoon’s Hacking Tactics

In collaboration with international and private sector partners, CISA released a new advisory warning network defenders of PRC-linked Volt Typhoon’s infiltration tactics. 

Securing U.S. Intellectual Property ‘Top Priority’ for Federal Law Enforcement

The FBI and Homeland Security are emphasizing the need to digitally safeguard tech R&D in the U.S. from state-sponsored adversaries.

Cyber Agencies Unveil Updated Ransomware Guide

The 2023 version offers more detailed, step-by-step guidance and associated recommendations to fortify public and private networks against sophisticated ransomware.

CISA, FBI Need Data from Cybercrime Victims to Support Policy

The federal agencies tasked with tracking and preventing cybercrime rely on collaboration and data sharing to protect U.S. digital networks.

Federal Law Enforcement’s New Focus is on ‘Disruption’ of Cybercrime

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco noted that success will be seen with a “bias towards action,” rather than just courtroom victories.

Federal, International Agencies Release Principles to Enhance Security of Tech Products

The new guidance pushes software and technology manufacturers to take more responsibility for the security of their devices by adhering to secure-by-design and -default principles.

How International Acquisitions Can Become a Cybercrime Frontier

Public entities like the FBI and Department of Treasury are carefully monitoring international business transactions as potential backdoor threats to U.S. national security.