FBI Issues Timeline for Secretive IT Support Contract

Richard Cavalleri/Shutterstock.com

The bureau rolled out key dates—but not other details—for its next-generation IT contract.

The FBI is preparing to recompete its $30 billion IT services contract and is being more open about the process this time around—at least a little more open.

The current IT Supply and Support Services, also cited as ITSSS or IT Triple-S, contract is set to expire in October, prompting a new competition. The bureau so far has given little indication as to what the new contract vehicle will look like—its size, ceiling, whether it will include software and hardware, or whether it will be one large contract or split into silos for areas like cloud computing and cybersecurity.

More information will be available soon. FBI contracting officers released a special notice on March 21 outlining the scheduled rollout of the contract, beginning with the release of a request for information set for April 9. That RFI will include a scope of work defining what the bureau wants from the contract.

The special notice lays out the full schedule straight through to awards, currently projected for March 1, 2019.

The first industry day is set for April 25—details to be included in the April 9 RFI—with a second scheduled for May 2. The contracting office plans to finalize the scope of work by May 31, issue a draft solicitation by July 13 and the final RFP by Aug. 17.

By this schedule, bids would be due in October 2018, just as the current ITSSS contract is set to expire.  

FBI contracting specialists did not return requests for comments and clarifications on the impending contract.