Coming Soon: A Blockchain-Powered Smartphone

Sirin Labs

Are you in the market for a new smartphone but concerned with the lack of security found in the current devices that are available? You might be in luck.

Sirin Labs is developing a smartphone aimed specifically at the cryptocurrency community. Named the Finney, after bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney, this phone is an open-source model that will run on a fee-less blockchain.

Sirin Labs stated that it will be a fully secure smartphone that's safe enough to hold cryptographic coins. The company aims to sell it for about $1,000. The company previously made a highly secure smartphone, called the Solarin, that went for the astronomical price of $14,000.

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That $1,000 price tag won't just be devoted to blockchain, however. The phone is expected to have 256 GB of internal memory and a 16MP camera, which will help with some of that iPhone X envy that some users will probably experience.

There will be other security measures as well, including a behavioral-based intrusion prevention system as well as a physical security switch.

For users that are interested in this device, Sirin Labs plans to host a crowdsale soon.