IRS Executes Summons for Financial Records of Crypto Transactions

The federal regulatory agency is asking for details from trading platform sFOX on users who engaged in at least $20,000 worth of transactions. 

Crypto Mining's Energy Consumption Draws Additional Concern from Lawmakers

Leadership on the Energy & Commerce Committee sent four letters to crypto mining platforms about the potentially “severe” impacts of generating the digital currencies.

Banks' Ability to Conduct Cryptocurrency Transactions Comes Under Senators' Fire

Letters issued by the Department of Treasury’s Office of the Comptroller of the Currency allow banks to engage in digital currency transactions that are considered financially sound.

Treasury Sanctions Cryptocurrency Mixer

The online digital money platform has proven to act as a haven for cyber criminals looking to launder illegal cryptocurrencies.

Bipartisan Senators Want Commodity Regulations For Crypto

A new bill would task the Commodity Futures Trading Commission with imposing more consumer protections and other oversight regulations on digital asset trading.

Warren Set to Introduce New Bill Targeting Crypto Scams

The Democratic senator said she will unveil new legislation to better regulate cryptocurrency investment from larger firms “vampire sucking” money from smaller entities.

Prolific Crypto Market Demands Regulation, Investor Education, Experts Say

Financial regulation experts tell Congress a lack of regulation on digital currencies and lending exacerbates lack of consumer education.

Cryptocurrency Founder Convicted of Defrauding Investors of More Than $6 Million

My Big Coin founder Randall Crater was convicted of charges related to fraud and misleading investors over the value of his cryptocurrency.

Lawmakers Ask Energy, EPA to Investigate Cryptomining’s Environmental Impact

As Congress looks to regulate the industry, cryptomining companies say renewable energy is already in play. 

Treasury’s Cryptocurrency Framework Emphasizes Consumer Protection, International Collaboration

The Treasury Department’s first digital asset guidance is the latest chapter in applying federal regulation to the digital asset market.

Treasury Defines Key Terms Under Executive Order on Cryptocurrencies

The department wants feedback for implementing the order to “ensure responsible development of digital assets.”

Justice Pursues Collaboration to Fight Cyber Crime with EU Member States

Under an executive order on the responsible development of digital assets, the department recently recommended the U.S. deepen its investment in international organizations to counter ransomware and other illicit activity.

White House Official: Administration Urgently Researching Central Bank Digital Currency

As due dates near for agency deliverables under an executive order, the Atlantic Council has produced a report that could help officials inform the president of implications for cybersecurity.

Oversight Report Says U.S. Marshals Need More Effective Cataloging for Seized Crypto

A new audit from the Office of the Inspector General reveals the U.S. Marshals Service could improve its seized crypto management with new procedures and policies.

Crypto Industry Insiders Support Better Public-Private Collabs To Prevent Major Ransomware Attacks

A panel of leaders in the digital asset industry discussed helpful legal frameworks to prevent illegal crypto financing while supporting market activity. 

GSA Auctions Another Series of Crypto, Valued at $268K

The General Services Administration is auctioning off several lots of cryptocurrencies as the federal government looks to wade into the volatile asset class.

Latest Crypto Regulation Bill Defines Stablecoins and Pushes For Interagency Cooperation

More bipartisan legislation seeks to regulate digital assets in the U.S. and offers a widely-encompassing framework for buying and selling cryptocurrency.