Federal Law Enforcement Warns Against Hackers Targeting Crypto Companies

Three agencies warned that North Korean-sponsored Lazarus Group and subsidiaries are targeting companies linked to blockchain technology and working with crypto and NFTs.

Treasury Sanctions Russian 'Hydra' Dark Net, Major Crypto Trading Platform

The U.S. imposed new sanctions on Hydra Market and Garantex as it continues cryptocurrency laundering crackdowns. 

Lawmakers Move to ‘Crack Down’ on Dark Web-Based Opioid Trafficking

Three agencies could be required to report on the use of cryptocurrency for drug dealing on the dark web.

Wyden Concerned Crypto Companies are Using Low-Income Zones As Tax Havens

The senator issued a letter to two cryptocurrency companies and one CPA on their business activities in low-income areas.

Financial Regulator Says Use of Crypto Helps—not Hurts—Ransomware Investigations

Senators left and right are using the Colonial Pipeline hack and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as reasons to both regulate and avoid regulating cryptocurrencies.

Warren Spearheads Crypto Sanctions Against Russia With New Bill

Democratic Senators aim to regulate international digital asset transactions to prevent Russian actors from evading sanctions amid war with Ukraine.

Biden Executive Order Takes Major Steps Toward Regulating Cryptocurrencies

The president will sign an executive order regulating the growing industry, announcing the exploration of a possible government-backed currency and addressing national security and equity concerns.

SEC to Meet on Cybersecurity Amid Fear of Russian Threat to Financial Sector

Former officials are also urging confirmation of Biden’s nominee to the Federal Reserve to strengthen banks’ resilience in the event of emergent risks following the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Russian Aggression Hastens Lawmakers' Push to Enforce Sanctions in Crypto Industry

The Justice Department also launched a ‘KleptoCapture’ task force to target the use of cryptocurrencies for sanctions evasion.

Founder of Crypto Trading Platform BitConnect Indicted for $2 Billion 'Global Ponzi Scheme'

The Department of Justice charged Satish Kumbhani with conspiracy to commit fraud and misleading investors in the latest crypto crackdown.

Justice Builds Out Crypto Tracking, International Engagement Teams on Ransomware

The Justice Department will now require prosecutors to consult with the international and cyber crime specialists on significant cyber investigations.

Cryptocurrencies Facilitate an Already Murky Human Trafficking Problem

A House committee hearing spotlit the problematic combination of the usage of virtual currencies and a lack of data surrounding human trafficking in the U.S.

IRS Suggests Need to Disclose Crypto Exchange Information to Law Enforcement

A letter the tax bureau sent to a key senator says stronger penalties for failure to report cryptocurrency-based income gains might also help deter cyber criminals.

Treasury Considering State and Local Grants to Implement Digital ID Systems

The effort to stimulate widespread use of digital identification is aligned with a White House order on cybersecurity and could help defend against ransomware attacks, officials said.

Congress Concerned Over Crypto's 'Massive' Energy Needs

The House Energy and Commerce Committee heard witness testimony on crypto’s power consumption, and renewables' role in making the industry sustainable. 

How Cybercriminals Turn Paper Checks Stolen from Mailboxes into Bitcoin

Mailboxes are increasingly becoming the scene of a crime.