Treasury Sanctions First Cryptocurrency Exchange to Combat Ransomware 

The department also emphasized guidance for victim organizations who risk running afoul of enforcers by paying attackers and failing to report incidents.

Postal Service Law Enforcement Isn’t Fully Tracking Inspectors’ Use of Cryptocurrencies

Investigators reported using cryptocurrencies in nine closed cases. Auditors found another 1,064 that might not have been properly recorded.

Critical Update: Cryptocurrencies to Save the Day?

After activists turned out to kill an amendment that would have set back the cryptocurrency industry, Nextgov decided to look at how the volatile technology can be used as a force for good.

Bitcoin Will Soon be ‘Legal Tender’ in El Salvador – Here’s What that Means

Does making bitcoin legal tender mean every store and merchant in El Salvador will now have to accept digital payments?

Cryptocurrency Company Makes Case for Running its Own Local Government

A Nevada commission is studying the concept. An executive with Blockchains Inc. says its plans for an "innovation zone" won't work inside an existing county.

Advisory Details How to Defend Container Tech from Crypto Miners

Old fashioned data theft is still the main reason adversaries are targeting a popular open-source application management system.

Cryptocurrency Crackdown Won’t Stop Ransomware, CISA Official Says

Cybersecurity professionals stress the importance of proactive defense to combat the growing number of attacks.

IRS Wants Tools for Cracking Crypto Wallets

The agency’s Digital Forensics Unit wants to “tame the cybersecurity research into measured, repeatable, consistent digital forensics processes.”

FTC Data Captures Record Surge in Cryptocurrency Scams

An official explained how “there are at least a couple of things in play” that are contributing to the highs.

Treasury Office Seeks Tools to Trace Cryptocurrency Linked to Sanctions List

The department’s Office of Global Targeting is looking for multiple tools to track the flow of virtual currencies and user behaviors.

Watchdog to Review How Postal Inspectors Handle Cryptocurrency

Digital currencies have already been seized by the law enforcement arm in previous investigations.

Lawmakers Call for Agency-Led Working Group for Digital Assets

They want the U.S. government to gain a better grasp of the rapidly emerging landscape of virtual currencies, smart contracts and other commodities.

GSA Joins Cryptocurrency Craze With First-Ever Bitcoin Auction

The General Services Administration got its hands on a share of Bitcoin and is putting it to auction later this month.