U.S. Joins France in New Quantum Tech Partnership


Both countries will work together to develop and advance critical quantum technologies, the next step in the Biden administration’s larger push for global quantum leadership.

The U.S. and French governments signed a new Joint Statement on Cooperation in quantum information science and technology on Monday, marking a new bilateral partnership in the U.S.’s continued exploration of quantum sciences. 

Both countries have worked in tandem on several scientific and technological initiatives over the years, including a 2008 agreement that emphasized technology transfers and sharing of intellectual property. 

This latest international partnership puts quantum technologies in the spotlight––one of the most critical emerging technologies whose impact ranges from impacts on cybersecurity measures to improving general computing speeds. 

“The potential for quantum information science and technology to address pressing scientific questions for the benefit of humanity are endless,” said Arati Prabhakar, the director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. “This statement shows a commitment between the United States and France to work together to reach our shared quantum goals, grounded in our shared principles.”

After signing the agreement, delegates from both countries formed a joint workshop to bring together experts in the quantum research field to begin scientific collaborations. These forthcoming initiatives are likely to focus on quantum computing development and securing digital networks with post-quantum cryptography. 

“Solving the hard questions in quantum information science, while also building the global market and supply chain needed to translate quantum technologies from lab to market, will require connections and collaborations between our ecosystems, which this joint statement will facilitate,” said Charles Tahan, the assistant director for Quantum Information Science at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and director of the National Quantum Coordination Office. 

President Joe Biden’s administration has entered new bilateral partnerships with ally nations that center on quantum technology development. Previously, the U.S. entered into similar partnerships with Switzerland and Australia