Quantum Computing

New Quantum Hardware Could Allow Computers to Process Information More Naturally

Current quantum computers are stuck using binary processes designed for traditional computers.

Understanding NIST’s Post-Quantum Encryption Standardization and Next Steps for Federal CISOs

The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently chose new cryptographic algorithms to defend against quantum computers.

More Quantum-Focused Legislation Aims to Implement Stronger Cryptography Standards

The bipartisan bill seeks to fortify federal networks as innovation in quantum computing poses new threats to national security.

NIST Selects 12 Companies for Implementing Post-Quantum Cryptography 

Officials leading a standardization effort—based on four winning algorithms—are relying heavily on industry for success.

DC-QNet Research Will Work to Develop Quantum Network Infrastructure

The inaugural quantum research consortium will focus on strengthening telecommunications infrastructure as quantum computing continues to advance.

NIST Identifies 4 Quantum-Resistant Encryption Algorithms

Federal researchers are one step closer to protecting U.S. data from quantum computing decryption capabilities.

Federal Government Gets Serious About Post-Quantum Encryption Protection

A Phase III PQE contractor talks about getting federal quantum protection deployed quickly. 

Quantum Sensors—Unlike Quantum Computers—Are Already Here

And they’re improving at a rate that demands urgent attention.

Critical Update: To Bridge Quantum’s Valley of Death, Labs Need Funding and Workforce

Oak Ridge National Lab’s Travis Humble discussed the state of quantum technology development and what it demands for future development. 

Energy Issues $40 Million to Provide STEM Training for Historically Underrepresented Groups

The funding comes from the Energy Department’s “Reaching a New Energy Sciences Workforce” initiative.

Back to the Future: Protecting Against Quantum Computing

Lessons from Germany’s World War II code machine, Enigma, show that even “unbreakable” encryption can be cracked eventually.

White House Issues Two Quantum Directives Set To Bolster American Infrastructure

The White House announced new plans to promote quantum technology research and development while helping U.S. computer networks transition to post-quantum cryptography standards.

Lawmaker Argues for Quantum-Level Security in a Pre-Quantum World

New legislation advocates safeguarding U.S. online networks with quantum-resistant encryption as a preemptive cybersecurity measure.

Bipartisan Legislation Calls for Implementing Post-Quantum Security Practices

The new Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Preparedness Act would prepare for stronger quantum algorithms that pose a threat to traditionally-encrypted data.

China May Have Just Taken the Lead in the Quantum Computing Race

China’s record-shattering processor is 1 million times faster than what Google achieved three years ago–but we are years from the finish line.

More International Quantum Partnerships Likely As U.S. Stakes Claim In Field

The U.S. is keen to get ahead in the global quantum race as national security and technological innovation intersect.