Quantum Computing

Setting Emerging Tech’s Standards Dominates NIST’s 2024 Goals

NIST Director Laurie Locascio discussed her agency’s plans before a House hearing, revealing major focuses on critical and emerging technologies.

Public-Private Partnerships will be Key in National Quantum Initiative Reauthorization

The 2018 National Quantum Initiative Act needs a second authorization to continue the federal investment into critical quantum information technologies.

NIST Releases Draft Post-Quantum Encryption Document

The agency continues its post-quantum cryptography push as it looks to create guidance for all sectors.

Bipartisan Legislation Seeks to Develop a ‘Quantum Sandbox’

A new House bill wants to further spur research and development within the U.S. quantum technology field.

Energy Looks to Quantum Sensors for Grid Optimization

Quantum sensors can modernize the U.S. electrical grid through on-site technology with the long-term aim of supporting climate resilience.

House Bill Wants Quantum-Powered Research To Support Agriculture, Medical Development

The Quantum in Practice Act was reintroduced this week, asserting quantum information systems’ power in scientific advancement.

Emerging Technologies to Underpin Biden Plan for US Bioeconomy

Technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning  and quantum sensing play a key role in the federal plan for a stronger U.S. biomanufacturing sector.

Quantum Sensing Has ‘Critical’ Potential for Electrical Grid, Official Says

Quantum information technologies could be applied to the electrical grid for security and sustainability improvements.

GAO Offers Quantum Guidance to Federal Agencies

As the federal government continues its push for mass post-quantum cryptography transitions, the Government Accountability Office offered fact-based summary and guidance.

New Biden Budget Calls for Historic Clean Energy and Emerging Tech Investments

The White House’s fiscal year 2024 budget wants more U.S. funding for emerging tech, as well as its application in gov’t operations. 

NASA Quantum Detector Could Help Expand Transmission Distance

Current quantum data deteriorates after a few dozen miles, but the new technology could send more data further.

Energy Looks for Additional Ways to Prepare the Future Quantum Workforce

The Department of Energy has asked higher education to weigh in on how the agency can help prepare students to work in quantum information science.

U.S. Furthers Quantum Research with New International Partnership

The U.S. and the Netherlands are the latest countries to team up in an effort to innovate in the quantum sciences field.

Pending National Cyber Strategy to Feature ‘Strong Stand’ on Quantum Cryptography

An Office of the National Cyber Director official discussed the path of transitioning public and private networks to post-quantum cryptographic standards, and emphasizes data inventory in organizations’ efforts to transition cryptographic systems.

Energy Issues Over $9M in Quantum Research Funding

13 projects will receive funding over the course of three years, all of which apply quantum technology to solving nuclear physics problems.

The Future of Quantum Security Will Be Encoded in Light, Researchers Hope

Swiss researchers, funded in part by the U.S., are developing a stronger network security countermeasure to combat the potential of a viable quantum computing system.