NIST Announces New Internet of Things Advisory Board

R. Jacobson/NIST

A total of 16 professionals, mainly from the private sector, will advise the federal IoT Working Group on opportunities and hindrances for the technology’s development.

Sixteen professionals hailing from the private and public sectors will form the inaugural Internet of Things Advisory Board within the Department of Commerce, a body of experts whose job will be to advise the larger IoT Federal Working Group.

The advisory group, created pursuant to the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act, will discuss the federal regulations and policy decisions that could provide “significant and scalable” IoT innovation and highlight opportunities where greater connectivity could provide solutions to societal problems, such as transit technology and improved supply chains. 

Other industries that the board will study for potential benefits from sophisticated IoT policies and technology include sustainable infrastructure projects, public safety and healthcare. 

The advisory board’s first task will be to author a report analyzing domestic impacts and potential hindrances to IoT in addition to any relevant international development in IoT tech and policy. The report will be delivered via the director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. 

Membership is broadly represented by the private sector, with some experts hailing from businesses like technology companies and consulting firms, with smaller representation from individuals with a public sector and applied research background.

The board will publicly meet at least twice a year in a virtual capacity.