Report: Trust in Data, Computing Power Are Keys to Embracing Emerging Tech

Agencies should strengthen endpoints to handle new technologies like AI and extended reality, a report suggests.

Long-Awaited Botnet Report Calls on Industry for Solutions

The long-awaited botnet report from the Commerce and Homeland Security departments paint government as a facilitator, not a leader in the fight.

The Internet of Things' Role on Battlefields and at Sea

The Army and Navy are still mapping how to bring more internet of things devices into combat domains.

Internet of Things Security is a Marathon Not a Sprint, says DHS Cyber Expert

Adversaries that continuously improve their attacks push agencies to proactively defend.

4 Areas Where Cyber Law is Evolving

Internet-of-things devices, ransomware and insurance are raising questions about liability.

Google Has Made it Official: The Internet Is Now Mobile-First

This may go down in history as the week the mobile web became the web.

DHS Wants Industry Input on How First Responders Should Wear Their Tech

Wearables are great—but they can't get in the way when firefighters and paramedics do their jobs.

DHS To Put First Responder Tech to the Test

Can commercial tech hold up in a mock disaster? The agency’s Science and Technology Directorate wants to find out.

The Ways Mobility Will Shake Up How Government Does Business

Agencies will tap mobile devices to boost workforce productivity, delight citizens and drive greater overall mission success.

Industry Weighs in on How the Government Can Fight Botnets

Feds need to secure the internet of things and work more closely with private companies, they said.

The Simple Test That Can Determine If a Technology Is For Good or Evil

What are the ethical responsibilities of companies that are able to manipulate human behavior on a massive scale?

Cities Are Getting Smart, and Feds Can Help Make Them Smarter

A program led by federal agencies may offer local governments ways to get better at using smart technologies.

GAO: GSA Hasn’t Been Smart About Smart Buildings Program

Smart building technologies might pay for themselves in cost savings but the government’s landlord hasn’t been able to make the case.

DHS Inoculating Labs Against Hacks That Could Release Dangerous Diseases

The department is developing ways to secure federal research facilities from cyberattacks on their internet-connected controls.

Smart Cars Collect a Lot of Data. FTC Wants to Know How It's Used.

While some types of information may make drivers safer, others are more geared toward selling ads.

This Smart Credit Card Might Soon Rule Your Wallet

A smart credit card could communicate directly with banking institutions.