Internet of Things

Lawmakers Want the U.S. to Enable Increased Use of IoT Devices

The Internet of Things Readiness Act calls for comprehensive, Federal Communications Commission-steered studies.

Army-Built Quantum Sensor Can Detect Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Other Signals

The device can sample the complete radio spectrum—and fits into the Army’s vision for high-tech modernization.

Air Force Buys Streaming Data Warehouse for Pathfinder, JADC2 Concepts

Data company Kinetica will ingest trillions of records of sensor data to create visual representations of the operating environment across domains.

Key Takeaways for Government Leaders from CES

For the government to stay competitive and best serve Americans, it’s time to look to the consumer market.

What The CES All Digital Show Says About the Future

Even in a virtual format, CES offered quite a few interesting nuggets that might hint at future government technology.

The Year Ahead: 3 Predictions From the ‘Father of the Internet’ Vint Cerf

With the first doses of a COVID-19 vaccine being administered, a return to normal feels within reach but normal will change.

Your Robot Vacuum Could Spy on You

Researchers managed to recover speech data with high accuracy.

How Edge Computing and Hybrid Cloud Are Shifting the IT Paradigm

With cloud at the center of a whole new operating model, organizations will have distributed DevOps teams spinning up new applications in real time.

Bill to Secure Federal Government’s Connected Devices Heads to the President’s Desk

The bill excludes broad waivers that had concerned some cybersecurity professionals.

To Improve Safety of Defense Networks, Eighty-Six Dot1x

The protocol creates the false sense of security that all devices are being screened, even if minimally, for security when in fact they are not.

IoT Security Bill Nears Passage as New Consortium Tackles Open 5G

Government officials are thinking about how the use of drones as part of the network infrastructure will affect security.

4 Startups Tapped to Pilot Capabilities at Defense’s 5G Living Lab

At some U.S. military bases, next generation connectivity is right around the corner.

GSA Urges Agencies to Include Landlords in Telecom Transition Plans

Landlords will be integral to successful modernization efforts as agencies move to the $50 billion Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions telecom contract.

The First True Smart City Blossoms in Georgia’s Peachtree Corners

The city founded the Curiosity Lab, a huge facility designed to help industry test new technology.

VA-Made ‘Smart Bandage’ Can Track Chronic Wounds—and Treat Them

The innovation also sparked a new startup to bring the technology to market.