Internet of Things

Legislators Renew Efforts to Protect Consumers from an Eavesdropping Fridge

The reintroduced bill asks the Federal Trade Commission to establish disclosure guidelines for smart devices and appliances that consumers would not expect to be recording them.

GAO: Agencies Need to Conduct Cyber Risk Assessments of IoT, OT Devices in Critical Infrastructure Sectors

A Government Accountability Office report found that the agencies responsible for managing infrastructure in the healthcare and public health, energy and transportation sectors need to better assess their cyber risk mitigation strategies.

NIST Official Warns Against Device-only Approach to Securing IoT

Federal agencies’ implementation of NIST’s guidelines on the issue—under direction from Congress—is coinciding with industry resistance to the comprehensive approach stakeholders agree is necessary.

NIST Announces New Internet of Things Advisory Board

A total of 16 professionals, mainly from the private sector, will advise the federal IoT Working Group on opportunities and hindrances for the technology’s development.

White House's Internet of Things Security Initiative Gets an Official Meeting Date

The meeting was announced as the administration prepared to release its long awaited national security strategy.

Traffic Safety Agency Issues Final Guidelines for Vehicle Cybersecurity

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will announce its final cybersecurity guidelines draft Friday as modern vehicles become more technologically-integrated.

NIST to Launch New Guidance on Security Risks of Telehealth and Smart Home Integration

The agency notes that “user experience” improvements may come with less control over privacy and security.

Advisory Board Sends Critical Infrastructure Cyber Recommendations to the White House

The National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee voted unanimously to send its most recent report on IT systems security to President Biden.

Smart Devices Spy on You—2 Computer Scientists Explain how the Internet of Things can Violate Your Privacy

From home appliances to your vehicle, something's always watching you.

NIST Closes in on Recommendations for Cybersecurity Labeling for IOT Devices

If a plan proposed in the Biden administration's executive order is successful, consumer internet-of-things devices will come with a cybersecurity seal of approval.

Marine Corps, CGI Enter $34 Million Contract To Update Inventory Tracking System

The Marine Corps Platform Integration Center will be expanded under the contract to use automated technology and Internet of Things connectivity to track equipment. 

Increased Interconnectivity Demands Stronger Federal Data Protection Protocols, Officials Say

Officials in the public and private sectors warned of the need to enact a robust cybersecurity posture at the federal level ahead of growing ransomware and hacking threats.

Infrastructure Law’s Digital Equity Goals Are Key to Smart Cities that Work for Everyone

Smart cities promise a shining future, but without deliberate efforts to include underserved communities they can worsen the digital divide.

5 Lessons Learned as the CISO for the U.S. Postal Service

Agencies cannot stop hackers from targeting them. But we can—and should—develop risk management strategies.

CISA Releases Draft Guidance for Agencies’ Transition to IPv6

The document covers technical requirements for using the new internet protocol, as well as security considerations for the new format.

Air Force Wants to Spot Potential Outbreaks in Personnel Sooner with Wearables

Top officials are also looking into data integration and digital traceability tools to help keep staff healthy.

Inside Pacific Northwest National Lab’s 5G Innovation Studio

Federal officials are exploring what the next generation of wireless capabilities has to offer.