Federal Managers Should Model Self-Care for Their Employees

Government officials offered tips for managing workplaces during unusually stressful times.

Bill Would Prevent the President from Nuking Hurricanes

It came on the first day of hurricane season, in response to a recommendation Trump reportedly made in the past.

NIST Seeks Input on Position Navigation and Timing Services 

The agency is tasked by an executive order to develop profiles for the technology based on its cybersecurity framework to inform agencies’ procurement. 

How You Can Avoid 'Zoom Fatigue'

Zoom meetings are more demanding cognitively than face-to-face meetings, a psychologist says.

NIST Wants Help Demonstrating Security Compliance in 5G  

The new project will help develop interoperability among various components of the emerging network architecture.

USPTO Adds Company to $50M Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Contract

General Dynamics Information Technology joins at least 12 companies on the Patent and Trademark Office’s future-facing blanket purchase agreement.

COVID-19 Is a 'Global Experiment' for the Environment

Multiple measurement types and sophisticated computer models are required to figure out how and why greenhouse gases are changing due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Critical Update: How the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Plans to Run ‘Better, Cheaper, Faster’ Tech

Chief Information Officer Jamie Holcombe and his team are stabilizing and modernizing IT to help meet growing demands in a changing marketplace.

OSTP, NIST Team Up to Fine-Tune Search Engines for COVID-19 Research

Researchers are using the present health crisis to help improve search systems and enable clinicians to find better answers quicker.

NIST Invites Comment on Guidance for Who Gets to Access What in the Cloud 

Cloud services facilitate resource and data sharing but that introduces security vulnerabilities.

NOAA Teams with Record-Breaking Explorer to Map the Unknowns of Earth’s Deepest Ocean Points

The agency will work with Victor Vescovo’s Caladan Oceanic to share assets, facilities and data that they hope will strategically power new discoveries.

How Census Is Building a Citizenship Database Covering Everyone Living in the U.S.

By March 2021, the bureau plans to release anonymized statistics while keeping the raw data on individuals' citizenship status confidential.

Trump Administration Wants to Know What COVID-19 Tech From China Should Be Exempt From Tariffs

The administration has already lifted tariffs on 200 medical-care products from China in response to the coronavirus outbreak but wants to know what more is needed.

NIST Offers 8 Ways Agencies Can Use Its Cybersecurity Framework

One approach involves getting a better sense of potential contractors’ cybersecurity posture.