NIST, Google Announce Chip R&D Partnership

The public-private sector collaboration will make industry standard chips available to smaller research entities to encourage semiconductor manufacturing.

Commerce Revises Export Rules to Boost US Standards Development on Critical Tech

The original rule—which banned certain entities from receiving U.S. exports—endangered U.S. participation in international standards bodies where such entities are present, opponents said.

NSA Releases Post-Quantum Algorithms, Aims for Full Implementation by 2035

The National Security Agency worked in conjunction with NIST to prepare stakeholders for upcoming quantum cryptographic requirements. 

NOAA Adds Microsoft to Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador Initiative

As part of the initiative, Microsoft will help inform users about extreme weather events using its AI-driven forecasting. 

U.S. Semiconductor Production Will Rely on Improved Measurement Science, NIST Reports

Metrology—the science of measurement and its applications—will influence the quality and reliability of electronics as they get smaller and smaller.

NIST to Launch New Guidance on Security Risks of Telehealth and Smart Home Integration

The agency notes that “user experience” improvements may come with less control over privacy and security.

Louisiana Becomes First State to Receive Internet for All Grants

The Department of Commerce is focusing on bridging digital divides across all rural communities in the U.S.

Over $105 Million Going to Better Internet for Native American Communities

The Department of Commerce announced a series of new grants through the Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program.

Government Launches New Website to Support Semiconductor Funding Law

The Department of Commerce’s will provide available resources and information as it begins to implement the new program. 

Critical Update: The Information Constellation—How NOAA Data Ends up in Forecasts

The environmental agency collects vast amounts of data each day from its constellation of satellites.

Strong Solar Storm Could Impact U.S. Communications This Week

The geomagnetic storm could also make auroras visible in the Northeast and upper Midwest.

NIST to Release New Playbook for AI Best Practices

Researchers will stress a socio-technical approach—which examines the human impact on technology—to mitigate biases in artificial intelligence systems.

Trade Agency Wants To Know Where US Stands in Global AI Marketplace

The government wants to learn more about international regulations that would prevent U.S. companies from selling AI technologies abroad.

NIST Redesigns Platform for Reporting Federally Funded Inventions

The National Institute of Standards and Technology upgraded the iEdison platform to include new features and an improved interface.

Finance Sector Deals Latest Blow to Cyber Solarium Construct Teetering in NDAA

Congress will return from the August recess faced once again with the challenge of building cybersecurity policy for private providers of critical infrastructure faster than industry can tear it down.

NOAA and Saildrone Launch Several Hurricane-Tracking Surface Drones

The agency uses drones to collect hurricane data and help improve hurricane weather forecasts.

These Are the Agencies Federal Employees Are Leaving at the Highest Rates

After jumping during the pandemic, the government's overall attrition rate has stabilized.