NIST’s Supply-Chain Security Guidance Tells Agencies: Look to FedRAMP First

The agency has spent years revising guidance for organizations to address vulnerabilities presented by vendors of software and other enterprise suppliers.

NIST Official: Revised Cybersecurity Supply-Chain Guidance Imminent

The software Industry wants agencies to show their ‘use’ of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, which it says should be mapped to the revised supply chain guidance.

Telecom Group Wants NIST to Map Performance Goals to the Cybersecurity Framework

But, in general, the industry wants NIST to avoid making any changes at all to the choose-your-own-adventure document that has guided risk management and U.S. cybersecurity policy for almost a decade.

House Subcommittee Requests More Frequent American Income Data

The Subcommittee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in Growth asked for greater data releases in a bid to close wealth gaps.

27 Artificial Intelligence Experts First To Serve On Commerce Advisory Board

After being established in 2021, the National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee elected its first members to advise the federal government on AI policy. 

Senate Confirms Laurie Locascio to Lead Tech Standards Agency

The bioengineering professor and NIST alum was nominated by President Biden back in 2021.

Why Biden's Proposed Investment in Space Object Surveillance is a Big Deal

Space policy and technology experts weighed in on the nearly 800% increase for the Office of Space Commerce included in the FY2023 budget request.

Lawmakers Request Agency Support in Broadband Rollouts

Democrats from the House Energy and Commerce Committee asked the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to help make good on broadband development with Bipartisan Infrastructure funding.

NIST Advocates Human-Centric Focus of AI Tech

A new report delves into the biases that emerge in artificial intelligence, and best mitigation practices.

NIST Releases Guidance for Assessing Compliance with Core Cybersecurity Publication 

The document is targeted at auditors—internal and external to an organization—who are set to play a central role in cybersecurity policy under a May executive order and initiatives like the Pentagon’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program.

SEC to Meet on Cybersecurity Amid Fear of Russian Threat to Financial Sector

Former officials are also urging confirmation of Biden’s nominee to the Federal Reserve to strengthen banks’ resilience in the event of emergent risks following the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Commerce Gives Over $277 million In Grants To Build Out Broadband

Millions were dispersed across 12 states and territories to develop stronger internet infrastructure, a key mission in the Biden administration agenda.

Spotting Space-Based Objects Could Require Commercial Help, Per NOAA Request

The interest in additional data comes as commercial space activity expands.

NIST Refreshing Voluntary Cybersecurity Framework Amid Push for Mandates

The agency is soliciting comments to update a core document that lets entities pick and choose which technical standards they want to apply to their systems based on their own risk assessment.

NOAA Prioritizing Data Architecture For Space Monitoring Technologies

A new request for information asks for software to collect data on commercial space situational awareness programs.