Disrupting Government


This eBook looks at emerging technologies that are shaking up government operations.

Each technological era brings with it a new batch of emerging technologies. Three decades ago, the personal computer—combined with appealing user interfaces—burst onto the scene and disrupted how industry and the federal government worked.

Today, federal agencies are faced with a suite of technologies that are nebulous yet promising. Big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and others—whether developed by established companies or small startups—have the same disruptive potential of their technological counterparts of old. But will they find a home within the federal government? Can they make the government more efficient or save costs?

Agencies are figuring that out. In this eBook, you’ll see instances where government is taking the early steps toward making sense of today’s emerging technologies. From attempting to understand the hype and implications around blockchain to setting aside investment money for AI that could improve service delivery, the government is exploring the next generation of emerging tech.

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