Air Force Wants to Build DevSecOps Enclave for Secure Processing


The project will be part of a portfolio of related efforts supporting the Joint All-Domain Command and Control concept.

The Air Force wants to build a multi-level security network to enable secure processing for the Defense Department’s Joint All-Domain Command and Control concept, according to a recent solicitation

As part of a broader JADC2 and Advanced Battle Management System, or ABMS, commercial solutions opening, the Air Force is looking for companies that can build a DMZ, which it describes as “an internet-facing area to vet and test newly acquired tools,” as well as an unclassified DevSecOps enclave for developing applications in-house, according to a call attached to the CSO announcement.

“A key feature of secure processing will be to develop a multi-level security (MLS) technology set that enables moving up and down in security level where feasible, no matter the hardware device, transportation method, or environment,” the CSO call reads.

Secure processing is one of several technology focus areas under which the Air Force intends to issue calls as part of the CSO. Other areas include digital architecture, standards and concepts; sensor integration; data; connectivity; applications; and effects integration. 

According to the CSO call, the Air Force’s Architecture and Integration Directorate is constructing a portfolio of connected projects to support ABMS and JADC2. ABMS is the Air Force’s main contribution to JADC2, DOD’s connect-everything concept that supports its broader vision for joint warfighting. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin recently signed out the first JADC2 strategy

White papers responding to the call are due July 15, and a request for proposals will be issued before the end of the month. Proposals are due August 13 with a target award date of September 10. The Air Force anticipates making one award, and the period of performance is expected to last 15-18 months.