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There’s a difference between having data and having useful data, federal officials said.

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Trump’s 2020 Budget Requests About $11 Billion For Cyber Defense and Operations

The president’s budget proposal asks for more than $9.6 billion for Defense Department cyber operations and just over $1 billion for civilian cybersecurity efforts.

The Army Will Need Traditional Vendors’ Help Putting Startup Tech to Use

The Army is all in on innovative startups, but it will likely rely on tried and true contractors to get the tech over the finish line, Lt. Gen. Eric Wesley told SXSW.

Don’t Call It an ‘Arms Race’: U.S.-China AI Competition Is Not Winner-Takes-All

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Background Investigations Tech Team Reassigned from DISA to Defense Security Service

By mid-summer, the National Background Investigations Service technical team will be under a new office as part of major shifts in the security clearance process.