Microelectronics-Innovating Unit Gains New Designation from Defense Secretary

The classification enables the Pentagon to ensure that the “critical mission area remains relevant and viable.”

Air Force Commits Millions for Wearables to Counteract Troops’ Exhaustion

Human monitoring devices could support military staff who work in extreme conditions.

Let’s Talk About 6G Policies, Panel Says

6G policies may be important in protecting Democracy.

Defense Officials Develop 5G-Enabled Medical Applications to Support Future Troops

Vendors were recently selected to push forward military telemedicine experiments.

Defense Officials Press Lawmakers For a 2022 Appropriation

Defense officials warned lawmakers that some programs and tech efforts could be delayed or eliminated if Congress fails to pass a 2022 defense spending bill soon.

NSA, CISA, FBI Issue Joint Advisory Against Russian Hackers Amid Growing Tensions

The warning comes as a military build-up occurs at the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Newly Uncovered Emails Intensify Republican Senator's Unease About DOD’s Cloud Contracts

A senior senator continued a back-and-forth with auditors over the Defense Department's now-canceled JEDI contract.

Can Project Maven help shape acquisition policy?

The DOD's inspector general found that the lack of a formal documentation process for acquisition metrics and procedures could prevent future growth of Project Maven and similar projects.

Air Force Improvises With 3D Printing to Overcome Supply Chain Challenge

A senior airman’s creative idea resulted in money saved and capabilities improved at Joint Base Langley-Eustis.

Next National Defense Strategy Should Address Hybrid Warfare, Experts Say

Embracing innovative technology and more data sharing with allies should be part of the coming strategy, accordingto former Defense officials.

Army to Deploy Virtual Reality Capabilities to Combat Sexual Assault

Lessons on regulatory guidance and more will be provided through the potential new training.

Defense Official: Talent Tops Tools for Executing Data Strategy

The DOD’s chief data officer emphasized the importance of personnel over equipment for how the military is trying to obtain a data advantage over adversaries like China.

2022 Defense Authorization Bill (Once Again) Looks to Reform How DOD Buys Tech

National Defense Authorization Act provisions sparked support and skepticism from several experts.

The Pentagon’s Cloud War is (Finally) Nearing Conclusion

Following the end of the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract, a new effort is taking shape.