Defense Department’s AI Center Seeks Own Acquisition Authorities

Having its own mechanism for purchasing artificial intelligence will increase speed, according to the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center’s chief.

Pentagon’s Cybersecurity Accreditation Board Seeks First Class of Auditors

The group seeks experienced professionals to help shape an ecosystem of education and training possibilities for aspiring cyber auditors. 

What Google’s New Contract Reveals About the Pentagon’s Evolving Clouds

For one thing, it disproves fears that the massive JEDI contract meant one company would get all the work.

How AI Will Soon Change Special Operations

A new SOCOM office is pursuing tools to understand and influence populations, clear rooms with robots, and spot new forms of jamming.

Critical Update: Why the Pentagon’s Cybersecurity Certification Program Inspires Hope and Fear

The Defense Department’s Katie Arrington, and representatives from across the federal contracting community share perspectives on a new era dawning in U.S. cybersecurity policy.

Federal Researchers Create 'Second Skin' to Shield Against Biological Threats

The material shields wearers from chemical and biological agents and could pave the way to smart uniforms for troops and first responders.

Pentagon’s AI Center Awards $800M Contract Through GSA Center of Excellence Program

The contract is set to provide artificial intelligence-powered analytics tools to “prepare for future warfare operations.”

Pentagon Shop Wants Machine Learning to Fix Complex RPA Processes

The office does not want new robotic process automation tools or cloud providers, according to a Defense Innovation Unit solicitation.

Coronavirus Not Slowing Russian, Chinese Space Activities, U.S. General Says

Meanwhile, the U.S. has delayed several launches amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pentagon Task Force Turns to Data to Shape COVID-19 Response

The group aims to determine potential risks to the Defense Department and mission readiness through quality data and models. 

The U.S. Military Has Officially Published Three UFO Videos. Why Doesn't Anybody Seem to Care?

This is the first time the Pentagon has publicly confirmed the authenticity of UFO footage.

Pentagon Wants Better Data For Its Predictive Aircraft Maintenance AI

The Pentagon’s AI center is looking to break through past challenges it has faced advancing predictive maintenance among select aircraft.

Amazon Files Another Protest Over JEDI Contract 

Microsoft responds by blasting Amazon Web Services for trying to force a do-over for the multibillion-dollar cloud contract.

Pentagon, Senators Blast FCC Decision to Let Company Share GPS Spectrum

Space Force chief, Pentagon tech leaders, and the Armed Services chairman led calls to reconsider the controversial license for Ligado.

Esper Says Pentagon Is Bracing for a ‘New Normal’ That Lasts ‘An Extended Period of Time’

"What do we do over the next 6, 12, 18 months?" the defense secretary asked at a Monday virtual event.

Pentagon Wants AI to Predict Behavioral Changes in Troops

The Defense Department wants artificial intelligence that can tell when shifts in behavior could have “unwanted negative outcomes” for troops, their units and their missions.

Defense Contractor Certification Body Says Maintenance of Companies’ Cybersecurity Posture is Within its Role

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Accreditation Board plans to provide more than certification and training.