Russia Might Try Reckless Cyber Attacks as Ukraine War Drags On, US Warns

Ground commanders have been unable to capitalize on at least one previous cyber strike.

Former DOD Cyber Official Loses bid for Congress Despite Trump’s Backing

Katie Arrington, who led a Defense Department push to bring 300,000 contractors into compliance with cyber hygiene policies, lost her race to oust a Republican incumbent in a South Carolina congressional primary.

Lack of Space National Guard Could Hurt Training, Recruiting

National Guard directors are worried about losing key talent for space capabilities without the creation of a specified guard and reserve component.

More Reality Checks Could Help Keep DOD Programs on Time and Budget, GAO Says

The Pentagon has long espoused “knowledge-based acquisition,” but doesn’t insist on it.

Why Biden Just Declared Heat Pumps and Solar Panels Essential to National Defense

An environmental engineering professor assesses their place in fighting the climate crisis.

Lawmakers Want to Know How Much Bad Software Costs DOD

When the House Armed Services Committee begins its markup process of the annual defense authorization bill on June 8, look out for a provision asking the Pentagon to account for wasted money and lost productivity caused by poorly performing software.

U.S. National Guard’s Cyber Training Emphasizes Social Media, Supply Chain Protection

Ahead of the annual Cyber Shield exercise, military leaders will train National Guard and other military members to fight disinformation and protect critical infrastructure.

DOD Recommends NIST Align Frameworks for Cybersecurity Risk Management

An effort to update the framework for securing critical infrastructure from cyberattack is coming face to face with issues that have plagued the Commerce agency from the beginning.

President Biden Invokes Defense Production Act to Boost Clean Energy Manufacturing

Defense officials said invoking the act would reduce reliance on foreign powers for energy resources.

Pentagon Calls for New Ideas in ‘Third Wave’ of AI Evolution

A new artificial intelligence program attempts to streamline machine learning algorithms to make better warfighting decisions.

How ‘Cultural Artifacts’ Impede DOD's Ability to go Big on AI

Pushing AI to the battlefield to help commanders make more informed decisions also means confronting the Defense Department’s worst enemy: the budget process.

CISA, DOD Report Gaps for Agencies Assessing 5G Security Risks

Agency officials identified a lack of guiding standards for determining and mitigating risk from certain implementations of the technology and advised agencies to proceed with caution, employing penetration tests accordingly.

DOD to Debut Virtual Desktops for Certain Highly Classified Programs

The effort, which sunsets "Chinstrap" desktop hardware, has been a key priority in the Pentagon's CIO shop.

GAO: Defense Department Isn’t Doing Enough to Protect Sensitive Information

Federal cybersecurity has been on the Government Accountability Office’s High Risk list since 1997.

Defense Officials Review AI Initiatives Within New Office

A House committee hearing questioned defense officials about the agency's new AI officer role and the ethics underpinning emerging tech.

What We Learned from Congress’ First Open UFO Hearing in 50 Years

A House hearing Tuesday discussed everything from extraterrestrials to advanced technology potentially developed by other nations.

Defense Officials Emphasize Lab Modernization, Acquisition Reform Among Budget Priorities

Speaking before a House subcommittee, Department of Defense leaders identified critical operation areas within DOD offices that demand more federal funding to continue research and development.