Software Development

Critical Update: What Platform One Brings to the Pentagon’s Software Game

Air Force Chief Software Officer Nicolas Chaillan and industry experts explain how Platform One is eliminating barriers to entry for DevSecOps teams.

Air Force to Field Kessel Run Command and Control Product

The service wants feedback on a suite of tools called Kessel Run All Domain Operations Suite, or KRADOS, to continue developing it.

How Do You Retire Technology and Limit Risk?

The challenge is that while many get excited about the new software when it’s installed, too few make long-term plans for removal at software end of life.

DOD’s Deputy CIO Wants to Change the Conversation on IT

Danielle Metz, leader for the information enterprise, discusses the misconceptions about the office of the CIO, the ongoing Fourth Estate Network Optimization project and the importance of software modernization.

Critical Update: The Programmers of Public Service

Meet two federal software developers: One at the start of their career and the other nearing the end.

From COBOL to Cloud: DOD’s Digital Journey

Migrating big systems can be a huge project. But technologies are standing by to help you achieve it.

The Air Force Is Making an App That Basically Does What a General Does

The nascent app aims to generate options, recommendations, and mission orders.

White House to Seek Industry Input on New Software Security Rules, NSC Official Says

The administration wants to make sure the private sector has the ability to weigh in on procurement standards in an impending executive order.

Army Using DevSecOps for Tactical Radio Program 

The iterative development approach allowed the program executive office to start making adjustments to network operations quickly, according to a news release. 

Watchdog Says Software Development Issues May Force F-35 Delay

The Government Accountability Office found the Defense Department’s current modernization schedule “is not rooted in reality.”

White House Is Developing a Plan to Secure Industrial Control Systems

An upcoming executive order in response to the hacking campaign that involved SolarWinds will include standards to improve software transparency.

Cultural Resistance Top Challenge Slowing IT Modernization, Survey Finds

Air Force Chief Information Officer Lauren Knausenberger said she’s changing minds by demonstrating utility to the warfighter.

Army Command and Control System Must Be Modernized But Maintain Backward Compatibility

Leidos will handle an adjustment to the Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System 7.0 that will ensure it can support JADC2 and sensor-to-shooter frameworks.

Lockheed Martin Signs Platform One Basic Ordering Agreement

The agreement allows Lockheed Martin to apply the Platform One DevSecOps environment in the defense contractor’s own software factory, according to a press release.

How to Modernize Mission-Critical IT Systems Without Disruption

Technology never stands still, so building new solutions based on requirements drafted in the past will always result in out of data solutions.

Highway Safety Agency Wants Car Makers to Know What’s in Their Software

The agency is seeking comment on a software-heavy update of its cybersecurity best practices.