Software Development

Air Force Wants to Build DevSecOps Enclave for Secure Processing

The project will be part of a portfolio of related efforts supporting the Joint All-Domain Command and Control concept.

How AI Can Help with Critical Government System Maintenance Needs

Artificial intelligence can empower federal program managers with the technology necessary to simplify critical systems maintenance.

Lawmaker, Tech Companies Clash on Software Transparency Requirements

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has defined "critical software" in accordance with an executive order to institute procurement standards federal agencies must follow.    

Pentagon May Be Underestimating IT Investment Risks, GAO Says

The Government Accountability Office evaluated 10 programs at a higher risk level than what was reported by DOD, according to a new report.

Lawmakers Propose $50 Million Federal Program to Support Rural Patients

If passed, a new bill could increase telehealth and remote patient monitoring in places with limited broadband access.

NSA: Test Unified Communications Patches Before Installing

Guidance from the National Security Agency aims to protect communications carried over the internet from eavesdropping, denial-of-service attacks and other dangers.

FDA Tells NIST Securing ‘Critical Software’ Extends Beyond Devices

Two federal agencies were among those who submitted comments to the National Institute of Standards and Technology for shaping deliverables under a recent executive order.

Pentagon Releases Cloud Strategy for Operations Outside U.S.

The strategy emphasizes the need to deploy software quickly and securely to the tactical edge.

GSA Needs an IT Vendor to Help Manage Its Lease App: G-REX

The Public Buildings Service’s app undergoes biweekly maintenance updates and occasionally ships major enhancements.

Pentagon Weapons Programs Still Struggle to Use Modern Software Practices, Watchdog Says

The Government Accountability Office found programs face challenges with agile deliveries and cybersecurity testing. 

Why Getting More People with Disabilities Developing Technology Is Good for Everyone

Accessible technology is better for everyone, and accessible technology benefits when the people who rely on it most help build it.

IRS Needs Cybersecurity Tools to Secure Its COBOL Apps

The tax collection agency runs some of the oldest IT systems in government and needs cybersecurity tools to match.

NTIA Wants Feedback on Software Transparency Plan

One high-profile expert raised the ever-looming workforce challenge in suggesting the juice might not yet be worth the squeeze.

Critical Update: How to Develop Apps for Supercomputers that Don’t Exist Yet

The Energy Department will soon launch machines capable of completing a quintillion calculations a second.

Air Force, Space Force Projects Will Speed Object Identification, Security Implementation

One project will use generative AI to identify space objects and another will use automation to improve the security compliance process in Space Force software development.

Critical Update: Do You Know What’s In Your Software?

In the wake of several major cybersecurity incidents, the government wants to shore up its software supply chain. Two experts explain the merits of some approaches and why there’s no silver bullet. 

Lockheed, Air Force Software Factory Helps Field New Strike Planning Aid System

The contractor built new DevSecOps pipelines for Rogue Blue software factory in Nebraska.