Software Development

The Next Big Quantum Leap May Require Better Software

The raw power of increasingly advanced quantum computers could necessitate advances in software to make sense of the noise.

NIST Suggests Agencies Accept the Word of Software Producers Per Executive Order

The standards agency said an attestation from vendors themselves would be sufficient when screening for cybersecurity, unless an agency's risk calculus suggests otherwise.

Successful DevSecOps Starts With Trust, Government Experts Say

The pandemic forced new ways of thinking in government software development.

Air Force Chief Software Office Prepares ‘Big Questions’ for Next CSO

A bit has unfolded since the branch's first chief software officer, Nic Chaillan, left the government earlier this year.

Dev[SecAudCom]Ops—Not Really, But Don’t Overlook Audit and Compliance as Part of Security

The acronym for integrating security and agile development cycles may have gotten out of hand, officials say, but the core values are key to producing good software.

What Agencies Need to Do to Combat Shadow IT Driven by Cloud Sprawl  

Cloud sprawl happens when development teams spin up new cloud resources, forget about them, then move on to the next urgent task.

NIST Seeks Feedback on Cybersecurity Labels for Software

The effort aims to create a user-friendly label to educate consumers about their purchases.

Follow These 3 Ts for Faster, More Effective Application Development

Government agencies must optimize application development to realize digital transformation goals. Facilitating collaboration and aligning DevOps, IT, security and mission owners is crucial to this mission.

Building a Cloud-Savvy Workforce May Mean Rethinking Degree Requirements

Government and industry officials question how they can keep cloud positions filled when they require various degrees and certifications.

Why the Navy Is Pivoting to Implement Enterprisewide IT Services

An official provided details about the military branch’s plan to completely reshape its technology approach.

Health Agency CISO Looks to Increase Security in Software Transparency Requirements

Robert Wood aims to improve security while fostering faster mission execution from a DevSecOps “BatCAVE” at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

The Air Force’s First Software Chief Stepped Down—But He Won’t Be Quiet

Nicolas Chaillan briefed Nextgov on his government exit, what’s to come, and why he believes the U.S. should ban TikTok.

Why Government Agencies Fail at DevSecOps—and How They Can Succeed 

Instead of seeking out short-term gains, agencies need to focus on the long-term benefits.

How the Veterans Affairs Department Went Digital During the Pandemic

Senior officials shared details and numbers on the department’s COVID-19-specific deployments.

Air Force’s First Software Chief Steps Down

Leader of a Pentagon-wide DevSecOps initiative, Nicolas Chaillan cited lack of support from senior leadership as one reason for his  departure. 

Air Force Software Chief Provides Update on DOD’s Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative

He shared hard numbers to demonstrate how the massive implementation is saving the department time and money.