Software Development

How the Veterans Affairs Department Went Digital During the Pandemic

Senior officials shared details and numbers on the department’s COVID-19-specific deployments.

Air Force’s First Software Chief Steps Down

Leader of a Pentagon-wide DevSecOps initiative, Nicolas Chaillan cited lack of support from senior leadership as one reason for his  departure. 

Air Force Software Chief Provides Update on DOD’s Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative

He shared hard numbers to demonstrate how the massive implementation is saving the department time and money.

Lawmakers Call for Check on Software Acquisition Requirements in Defense Bill

Language from the House Armed Services’ cybersecurity subcommittee also proposes testing for non-kinetic attacks, and the creation of an inventory toward ending the use of legacy systems.

Government Should Embrace the Advantages of the MVP Approach

The MVP is meant to eliminate waste—save money and time that would otherwise be spent on fruitless ideas.

House Republicans Ask Commerce to Add Former Huawei Entity to Government Blacklist

They also requested a briefing from the End-User Committee which designates additions to the Entity List.

Two Keys to Delivering Exceptional Citizen Experiences

The infrastructures many government agencies had in 2019 weren’t built to handle the amount of traffic organizations experienced during the pandemic.

A Guide to Delivering Great Experiences for Employees as They Embrace the Future of Work

Federal agencies need to invest in technologies that enable employees to work from both the office and remote locations.

Achieving Better Outcomes with Managed DevSecOps Services 

A challenge for many agencies is the initial configuration of a DevSecOps environment—tools are cumbersome and require significant human resource skills.

Mars Helicopter Continues to Soar with Open-Source Software

One of the truly amazing things about Ingenuity is that it’s built from commercially available hardware parts and runs on free, open-source software.

New Aberdeen Proving Ground Facility Aims to Speed Up Fielding Tech

Work there will support DOD’s new Integrated Visual Augmentation System, Klas Government confirmed.

Air Force Wants to Build DevSecOps Enclave for Secure Processing

The project will be part of a portfolio of related efforts supporting the Joint All-Domain Command and Control concept.

How AI Can Help with Critical Government System Maintenance Needs

Artificial intelligence can empower federal program managers with the technology necessary to simplify critical systems maintenance.

Lawmaker, Tech Companies Clash on Software Transparency Requirements

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has defined "critical software" in accordance with an executive order to institute procurement standards federal agencies must follow.    

Pentagon May Be Underestimating IT Investment Risks, GAO Says

The Government Accountability Office evaluated 10 programs at a higher risk level than what was reported by DOD, according to a new report.

Lawmakers Propose $50 Million Federal Program to Support Rural Patients

If passed, a new bill could increase telehealth and remote patient monitoring in places with limited broadband access.

NSA: Test Unified Communications Patches Before Installing

Guidance from the National Security Agency aims to protect communications carried over the internet from eavesdropping, denial-of-service attacks and other dangers.