Cloud Security


Federal agencies are rethinking how they secure information as they move more mission-critical operations to the cloud.

The federal government’s increased and evolving use of cloud computing over the past decade necessitates an equal emphasis on security. 

In the early days of cloud, federal agencies basic services like data storage, but the technology's rapid evolution now allows it to underpin many agency missions. Critical business functions, like email and calendar functions, and data technologies like analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, operate optimally in the cloud environments now native to most agencies, elevating the importance of cloud security.

But basic cyber hygiene in remote environments is far from rudimentary or guaranteed. The civilian government’s foremost cyber experts at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency have warned of numerous vulnerabilities agencies must address in using cloud computing. And there is confusion among federal technologists about whether agencies or cloud service providers should take responsibility for securing the clouds government data and applications run on.

In this ebook, Nextgov examines what is and isn’t working in federal cloud security and what the future of the landscape is heading toward. 

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