Most Federal Workers Expect to Telework at Least Three Days per Week in the Future, Survey Says

But securing and managing the information technology that enables work from home is a top challenge during the pandemic, respondents indicated.

GPO Employees Overwhelmingly Satisfied With Leadership, IT Support During COVID-19 Telework

Employees gave their agency very high marks but asked for clarity about essential onsite work and use of personal IT equipment.

Government Helps Design Tech to Improve Children’s Focus Amid Pandemic

Remote learning is more than just forcing your child to sit up and stare at the screen during online classes.

CISA Releases Tips For Secure Teleworking

The short guide offers quick tips and links to deeper resources for employees at every level.

What is the 'New Normal' for IT Modernization?

Given that protocols requiring social distancing are likely to remain in effect for some time, the likelihood of workers returning to offices at pre-pandemic levels seems slim.

How the Government Shifted Its Onboarding Strategy During the Pandemic

Despite a largely remote workforce, the government hasn’t stopped hiring employees, especially those performing critical mission functions.

Survey: Most Teleworking Federal Employees Expect to Remain Home for At Least Six More Months

Many more feds say COVID-19 is having little impact on operations than at pandemic outset.

Survey: More than Half the Tech Workforce Say Pandemic Hurting Career Progression

Networking opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic have been at a minimum, and it’s negatively impacting the private-sector workforce.

Defense Innovation Board Adopts AI Testing, Digital Workforce Recruitment Resolutions

The board pushed the department to embrace remote work beyond the pandemic as a tool to attract more civilian talent. 

Diving into Government’s Trusted Internet Connections Standard 3.0 

The policy lays out the framework for security, but allows agencies to fill in the details based on their unique missions.

COVID Could Spur Reduced Reliance on Classified Sources of Cyber Intelligence

CISA officials highlighted cloud configuration and VPN vulnerabilities in assessing threats associated with the pandemic.

Local Governments Have Embraced New Technology to Weather the Pandemic, Survey Finds

More than 95% of state and local leaders who responded to the poll said their agencies used software to maintain service levels as employees began working largely from home.

Solving the COVID Cloud Challenge

Here are five ways to secure a defense in depth strategy with a remote workforce.

The Pandemic May Push the Federal Workforce to Face Fears About Reskilling 

Officials point to how modernization can create opportunities, as angst about job loss swirls.