OPM Encourages Agencies to Expand Telework, Remote Work Permanently in New Guidance

The Office of Personnel Management on Friday issued its first major update to its telework guide in a decade.

Biden Team Wants to Know How Feds Feel About the Return to Office, Inclusion and More

Administration officials are seeking feedback in short “pulse” surveys that will go out roughly every two months.  

Working Group Breaks Down the Keys to Securing Mobile Devices

The Federal Mobility Group’s new guidance includes four strategic pillars that form the foundations of mobile security.

After Having Their Computers Monitored, Employees Blast SSA Watchdog

Employee group pledges to bring its complaints to the White House and Congress.

Do We Really Need to Meet In Person?

Videoconferencing is flawed, but it’s still better than the alternative.

Mitigating Cloud Risks Starts With Full Visibility of Shadow IT

New survey findings highlight the need for a data-centric approach to cloud security in the era of remote work.

OPM’s Telework Initiatives Dovetail with Climate Change Planning

The agency announced a program to connect leaders from the private and nonprofit sectors with federal agencies to address climate change.

CISA Finalizes Guidance for Securing Federal Networks for Remote Users

The latest guidance is the third of four use cases to be released as part of the Trusted Internet Connection 3.0 initiative.

The Latest on Agencies’ Return-to-Office Plans

A look at agencies’ various approaches to getting employees back to their worksites; this list will be updated periodically.

Labor Department Awards Verizon $887M to Radically Revamp IT Backbone

No other Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions selections are planned by the department.

5 Post-Pandemic Federal Telecom Trends 

The past year and a half of telework and remote service delivery have accelerated the impact of the government's digital transformation efforts.

Another Truth About Remote Work

A misconception about the prevalence of working from home explains a lot about confirmation bias in America.

Transition to Permanent Remote Work Will Disrupt High-Cost Urban Areas

Cities will need to show residents who can do their jobs from most anywhere why they should continue living in densely packed places, according to new research.

EPA’s New Telecom Contract Will Ensure Every Employee Can Telework

The agency has yet to pick a vendor off the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions contract but has built-in key modernization goals for remote work, according to the inspector general.