DOD Workforce Wants to Keep Telework Going Despite Early Hiccups

A Defense Department Inspector General report surveyed more than 56,000 employees about telework during the pandemic.

The Hidden Toll of Remote Work

Switching to Zoom forever might be convenient, but it’s a recipe for loneliness.

Telework Works and Other Workforce Lessons Census Learned During the Pandemic

The U.S. Census Bureau’s customer experience chief encouraged agencies to embrace small gains.

Share of Remote Workers Comfortable Returning to Office Rises, Survey Finds

But the results also suggest most people want to see their coworkers vaccinated before going back.

How DISA Is Shifting to DEOS Cloud Tools as Interim Telework Solutions Sunset

DISA’s program director for the enterprisewide collaboration tools contract said the agency is creating a guide for other components to ease migration, including navigating security levels.

9 Government Tech Trends That Mattered in 2020

The federal government turned to technology during an unprecedented 2020 marked by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Agencies Must Change to Support In-House Tech Talent They Need

Technologists look for environments that value them, give them challenging opportunities, help them grow their skills, and provide a path to advance their careers.

Cloud Security

Federal agencies are rethinking how they secure information as they move more mission-critical operations to the cloud.

DISA Tech Programs Paved the Way for DOD Mass Telework

Two Defense Department officials pointed to culture as a key challenge counteracting innovation.

Report: Mobile Phishing to Steal Government Credentials Increased 67% in 2020

State and local governments are more exposed than federal agencies in the new teleworking age, but threats have increased across the board.

DOD Secured Fair Prices Despite Rapid Shift to Mass Telework, Audit Finds

The department also was able to reduce cybersecurity risks as it bought IT products and services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, an inspector general report concluded.

Consumer Product Safety Commission Employees Want to Telework at Least Twice Per Week Post-Pandemic

Commission staff and leadership report higher productivity during mass telework and more benefits than drawbacks.

Survey: Majority of Senior Executives Feel Burned Out

Overall, more than one in three feds attribute burnout to COVID-19 circumstances.

White House Directs Agencies to Revise Their Pandemic Plans

The “paramount concern is the health and safety of all federal employees, on-site contractors, and individuals interacting with the federal workforce,” OMB said. 

Smithsonian Seeks Lead for Broad Swath of Digital Transformation Efforts

The position is based out of the Washington, D.C. headquarters but is open for applicants teleworking from anywhere in the U.S.