Cyber Threats

Iran Using Voter Data to Spoof Floridians, Warn U.S. Intelligence Leaders

Voting systems remain secure but Russia and Iran have obtained voter data, warn DNI Ratcliffe and FBI Director Wray.

New Bill Would Codify States’ Ability to Use Federally Funded National Guard for Cybersecurity

National Guard troops currently being activated to monitor cybersecurity in the upcoming elections are paid for by states.

NSA Warns China Is Targeting Flaws in U.S. National Security Systems

The agency describes 25 known weaknesses that could be difficult for defenders of national security systems to overcome.

ICAM, CDM Put Identity-Based Security Front and Center

Agencies must be able to identify, monitor and manage all people, applications and devices that access government resources.

Justice Department Charges Russian Intel Officers with Major Cyberattacks, Including NotPetya

U.S. officials said a new indictment describing a four-year global conspiracy belies the country’s recent offer to reset relations in cyberspace.

NSA Launches Diversity Initiative to Grow Bench of Job-Ready Cybersecurity Talent

Historically Black Colleges and Universities are in the political spotlight as policy makers describe deep benefits to expanding and diversifying the cybersecurity workforce.

Federal Contractors Argue Cyber Insurance Isn’t a Safe Bet for Better Security

The idea that a vibrant insurance market could be an industry-friendly cybersecurity solution may be based on a flawed assumption.

The Chinese MSS Is Attacking Us with Our Own Tools

Here’s how to get ahead of the adversary with integrated cyber defenses.

In a Battle of AI Versus AI, Researchers Are Preparing for the Coming Wave of Deepfake Propaganda

Deepfake detection as a field of research was begun a little over three years ago.

CISA Leader Puts Health Sector Project on the Level of Election Security Initiative

A senior adviser brought in to boost the pandemic-driven effort says new materials are coming and stresses the importance of organizations acting on the agency’s advisories as part of their risk calculus.

CISA Reveals Timeline for Improving Anemic Information Sharing Program

The private sector has been pushing for greater liability protections before participating in a two-way exchange of cyber threats and vulnerabilities with the agency.

DHS Exempts Expanded Insider Threat Program From Key Privacy Act Provisions

The agency will be allowed to collect large amounts of data without having to follow several provisions regarding disclosure, relevance and the sharing of that information.

CISA Releases Tips For Secure Teleworking

The short guide offers quick tips and links to deeper resources for employees at every level.

It’s Time for Government Agencies to Secure Their Multicloud Environments

Multicloud environments can be extremely challenging to organize, manage and secure.

FCC Advances Order on Interagency Security Reviews of Foreign Applications

The effort tries to strike a balance between the desire to capitalize on foreign investments and managing threats from adversaries like China.

Industry Groups Ask Lawmakers to Remove Core Cybersecurity Provisions from NDAA 

The trade associations for various government contractors are also opposing a range of oversight proposals in the annual defense bill, including ones aimed at enhancing procurement value and reducing unfair labor practices.

Defense Department Certification Body Could Itself Conduct Audits Under Interim Rule

One lawyer notes continued confusion surrounding legal liability in the case of disputed assessments.