Cyber Threats

TMF Announces $95 Million in New Funding Focused on Security and Networks

The Technology Modernization Fund is announcing a new set of investments to help three agencies meet White House cybersecurity objectives.

DOJ Ramps Up Efforts To Halt Cybercrime

Through new enforcement and reporting efforts, the Justice Department is attempting to curb online harassment, especially related to vulnerable populations.

The Pentagon Should Keep Better Tabs on IT Cybersecurity, Supply Chain Risks, GAO Says

The findings come as the Defense Department continues to increase its investment in information technology and cybersecurity year over year—a trend that could likely mean more scrutiny.

Russia Might Try Reckless Cyber Attacks as Ukraine War Drags On, US Warns

Ground commanders have been unable to capitalize on at least one previous cyber strike.

White House Official: Administration Urgently Researching Central Bank Digital Currency

As due dates near for agency deliverables under an executive order, the Atlantic Council has produced a report that could help officials inform the president of implications for cybersecurity.

National Cyber Director: Mandates Coming to Secure Commercial Information Technology

An event hosted by the leading trade association for major tech vendors highlighted what has so far been an impasse between government and industry on cybersecurity policy.

China Compromised Telecom Firms Using Known Vulnerabilities, Federal Agencies Warn

The alert comes as the U.S. continues negotiations with countries like Russia and China on what constitutes “cybercrime” at the United Nations.

New Report Points to Cyber Risks in TVA Control Systems

A federal utility operating in seven southeastern states failed to implement proper cybersecurity standards for a control system assisting with flood and river management, according to a recent oversight report.

Solarium Successor Wants the White House to Lead on Cyber Workforce Strategy

One recommendation: establish cyber excepted service authorities, like the Department of Homeland Security's newly launched cyber hiring initiative, government-wide.

FBI, DOJ Seize Website Addresses, Associated Illegal Data Sales, Hacking Services

International law enforcement targeted and confiscated three internet domain names that sell cyberattacks and personal information.

Why Commerce Went Against Microsoft on Rule to Control Cyber Exploits

The rule aims to prevent certain countries—most notably China—from receiving U.S. exports that could advance their intrusion and surveillance technology.

CISA, DOD Report Gaps for Agencies Assessing 5G Security Risks

Agency officials identified a lack of guiding standards for determining and mitigating risk from certain implementations of the technology and advised agencies to proceed with caution, employing penetration tests accordingly.

Federal CISO: Recommendations In to Acquisition Council for Software Procurement

Federal CISO Chris DeRusha says he doesn’t want to tie agencies’ hands regarding self attestation versus third-party verification of vendor practices.

Senate Report Highlights Lack of Government Data on Ransomware Payments

A new report details the role cryptocurrencies play in incentivizing ransomware attacks and the government’s response.

CISA Orders Agencies to Mitigate VMWare Vulnerabilities Under Deadline

Advanced adversaries appear to be exploiting the vulnerabilities to get around multifactor authentication.

Agencies Showcase Federal Cyber Progress, Outline Future Threats

Witnesses from CISA, NIST, and the GSA spoke before a House Homeland subcommittee on their current efforts to bolster the nation’s cyber defenses.

Key Convener Releases Plan for Securing Open Source Software with White House

A crucial entity within the open source ecosystem is urging prioritization of libraries that support widespread applications like internet routing, among other things.