GSA Seeks Industry Feedback in Schedules Consolidation Effort


The agency wants buyers and sellers to weigh in as it works to modernize the Schedules process.

The General Services Administration wants public feedback on its efforts to consolidate its 24 multiple award schedules into one streamlined contract vehicle.

In a recently released request for information, GSA asks buyers and sellers to weigh in on the consolidated schedule’s format, proposed terms and conditions, and cover page outlining instructions.

The RFI also defines the clauses and provisions that will and will not be included in the consolidated solicitation for MAS and asks respondents to comment on the contents.

“Streamlining our current terms and conditions, and making it easier for buyers and sellers to work with government is a big part of schedules consolidation,” Stephanie Shutt, director of the MAS Program Management Office, said in a statement. “The feedback we receive from this RFI is an important building block for GSA’s new single solicitation.”

GSA announced in November it would consolidate its 24 Schedules into a single contract vehicle. The schedules program, which GSA said does about $31 billion in sales annually, allows agencies to purchase more than 10 million commercial products and services. The agency released the RFI after conducting an “in-depth analysis” of all the current schedules terms and conditions.

“We’ve worked to remove legacy, duplicative, and unnecessary clauses so that it’s easier to buy and sell with the federal government,” GSA Administrator Emily Murphy said.

According to the agency, the single schedule for products and services will be organized by categories that are “mapped to the current governmentwide category structure.” GSA is also reviewing special item numbers, or SINs, which help with the identification of products and services.

The agency plans to propose new SINs in the near future and will also make those available for public comment.