GSA starts the bidding for employee travel system competition

The General Services Administration will choose a single company to provide a "configurable (and) commercial" service that manages travel and expense services for other civilian agencies. to add facial recognition tech

The General Services Administration is changing its digital identity service to allow users to authenticate themselves by matching against a previously submitted government ID.

IRS won't add without changes

A watchdog report reveals what led the IRS to scrap plans to use the government-backed identity service during the 2023 tax season.

Technology Modernization Fund announces $9M in new investments

Despite continued awards, Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va., says the fund's supporters have “work to do” to garner support on Capitol Hill.

The technologist at the table

Ann Lewis is bringing tech talent to bear on a range of big, pressing service delivery challenges from her perch as director of the Technology Transformation Services.

The federal government's most disliked IT help desks

A survey of more than 270,000 federal employees shows DOD at the bottom when it comes to satisfaction with IT support and equipment.

GSA is looking for participants for its facial recognition study

Federal Acquisition Service Commissioner Sonny Hashmi said the study will help determine how to move forward with

Government proposes a sustainability update for contracting regulations

Although the White House said the proposed update to the Federal Acquisition Regulation will help the government meet its zero-emissions goals, some stakeholders want it to go further.

GSA seeks a better way to reach higher education for federal challenges

The General Services Administration wants to know where to reach university-affiliated students and faculty to participate in national requests.

GSA considers changing the way it pays for cloud software

The agency is exploring how it can best align industry payment practices for software-as-a-service offerings on its own IT Multiple Award Schedule.

Government buyers need training to go green, panel says

An advisory group based at the General Services Administration has ideas for putting government operations on a net-zero emissions basis.

Agencies launch initiative to better identify minority-owned contractors

The joint effort between the Small Business Administration and the General Services Administration aims to make it easier for federal procurement officials to connect with small, disadvantaged businesses across sectors.

Vehicle Data Tool Could Help Agencies Switch to Electric Fleets

The General Services Administration’s new tool enables agencies to match their current fleet to equivalent zero-emission vehicles.

GSA Pilots New Platform for Multiple Award Schedule Contractors

The new platform will make it easier for contractors to update their catalogs on the agency’s central purchasing website and will eventually replace the Schedule Input Program.

Trust Will Be Key for US Notify—a Federal Text Message Service for State Benefits

The text service will be the first project to come out of the General Services Administration’s new Public Benefits Studio.

GSA’s Pilot Transactional Data is ‘Inaccurate and Unusable’, Watchdog Says

According to the agency’s Inspector General, GSA performed an inaccurate evaluation of the program when it deemed TDR a success, but in actuality, the data is unusable.

6 Major Multibillion Dollar Tech Procurements to Watch in 2023

Contracts range in potential estimated value from $5 billion to $100 billion, according to government spending data and Deltek analysis.