GSA’s Pilot Transactional Data is ‘Inaccurate and Unusable’, Watchdog Says

According to the agency’s Inspector General, GSA performed an inaccurate evaluation of the program when it deemed TDR a success, but in actuality, the data is unusable.

6 Major Multibillion Dollar Tech Procurements to Watch in 2023

Contracts range in potential estimated value from $5 billion to $100 billion, according to government spending data and Deltek analysis.

Paradigm Shift: Recruiting for Lifelong Careers or Public Service Stints

Both long- and short-term public servants can be beneficial for the government in technology and beyond.

GSA Makes a Case for on Capitol Hill After Scathing Report

General Services Administration officials addressed allegations that the agency misrepresented identity proofing standards of at a hearing Wednesday, as lawmakers pondered the potential for fraudsters in the system.

GSA Issues Guidance to help Agencies Buy Secure 5G

The guidelines for federal agencies detail best practices throughout the 5G ecosystem.

IRS Plans to Approve Use of Login-dot-gov as Tax Day Nears

The tax agency intends to add Login this filing season—and as early as next week—as the integration is in final rounds of testing.

GSA: Odd Email About Changes to SAM Registration Info Was a Glitch, Not a Hack

The agency said the emails were generated in error and likely unrelated to the unscheduled downtime Wednesday morning.

GSA Officials Misled Agencies About Login-dot-gov

The agency’s inspector general blasted GSA officials for claiming that its identity proofing website met NIST guidelines for biometric comparison, charging millions for it, when it did not.

GSA Seeks Commercial Procurement Data Solution 

The agency is looking for a dashboard and reporting system that can also check for data errors or inconsistencies.

GSA Contract Vehicle Looks to Solve the 'Valley of Death' Problem

The General Services Administration has dubbed the potential vehicle RIO and has formed an acquisition team to continue its market research.

After a Decade of Noncompliance, DOJ Issues Report on Federal Website Accessibility

The release of the Justice Department’s first Section 508 report since 2012 comes after lawmakers raised bipartisan concerns about agencies’ continued inability to meet federal technology accessibility standards.

Watchdog: GSA Needs to Monitor Access Card Data

The agency’s inspector general found more than 32,000 failed access attempts over a two year period, which could pose a security risk.

OIG Finds Oversight Issues With GSA's Performance-based Contracts

GSA contracting personnel produced performance reports that were "often incomplete or not available at all," according to a new inspector general's audit. 

GSA Aims to Help Agencies Envision the Future of Work

The agency pointed to efforts like its workplace innovation lab to help the federal government reimagine work and the work environment.

House Oversight Committee Probes GSA Administrator’s Telework

The GOP-led committee is seeking details about Robin Carnahan's telework arrangements.

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