GSA’s 10x Will Test 22 Innovative Ideas Suggested by Federal Employees

The government’s internal process and tech suggestion box received 250 project proposals.

Design Changes Coming Soon to beta.SAM

While most of the changes will be cosmetic, the design update is the result of years of user feedback and adherence to relatively new digital services standards.

Congress Gave OMB $1B for IT Upgrades. Now It Wants to Know How It Will Be Spent

Lawmakers want to know which projects will get prioritized and which will be recused from repaying the fund.

Single Sign-in For Government Services Expands to States, Localities

The federal government is looking to partner with state and local governments to grow its service, which it says is secure and user friendly.

Biden Taps Former Missouri Secretary of State to Lead GSA 

Robin Carnahan also has previous leadership experience at the agency. 

FedRAMP Outlines Requirements for Using Containers

Container technology allows operability across operating systems and faster development but is a primary security concern for implementers. 

COVID-19 Drove .Gov Search Traffic in 2020 But Not Always About Health

Data on searches performed on .gov websites shows people wanted information on every aspect of the pandemic, as well as continued interest in NASA and immigration.

How One State Will Work With the Feds On a Major Tech Overhaul

Wisconsin has turned to a federal team of tech experts as the state seeks to revamp its antiquated unemployment computer system.

Study: OPM-GSA Merger Proposal Would Not Have Solved Problems It Aimed to Fix

A team of analysts has recommended elevating OPM's role in human capital management and making it less involved in “transaction-by-transaction compliance” activities.

TMF Board Announces New Award One Day After $1B Cash Infusion

The Labor Department snagged $9.6 million to improve its data management infrastructure.

Biden’s Latest Tech Appointments

President Biden tapped former IARPA Director Jason Matheny for roles on the National Security Council and White House OSTP.

Cybersecurity Agency Takes Over Management of .Gov Domain

The official domain for .gov websites shifted from the government’s landlord to the government’s central cybersecurity shop.

GSA Joins Cryptocurrency Craze With First-Ever Bitcoin Auction

The General Services Administration got its hands on a share of Bitcoin and is putting it to auction later this month.

TTS Aims to Help Rebuild the Public’s Trust of Government

The tech group's director said each time an individual interacts with the government is an opportunity.

GSA Drops 5 Vendors, Adds 9 to $5.5B 2GIT Contract

The IT hardware and software contract vehicle was built with the Air Force in mind but will be available to all federal buyers.

GSA to Verify Identities of Some SAM Users After Transition

The agency will require identity proofing for SAM registrants after the big migration to in May.