Oracle Continues Protest Push Against JEDI


Another legal maneuver by Oracle just a week before bids for the Pentagon’s $10 billion JEDI cloud contract are due.

For a third time, software giant Oracle modified its bid protest against the Defense Department over the government’s Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud contract.

The supplemental protest, filed Oct. 1—11 days before companies must submit their bids for JEDI—is a modification to Oracle’s original pre-award bid protest of the contract it filed in August.

Oracle’s initial protest contended the Pentagon’s decision to award JEDI to a single company was improper, an argument Oracle and other companies voiced publicly as the contract was coming together.

As with Oracle’s previous amended protests, the grounds on which Oracle is further protesting the contract are under seal. Supplemental protests typically occur as parties involved in the bid protest exchange documents and information through attorneys. According to federal statute, the Government Accountability Office must render a decision on Oracle’s initial bid protest, as well as all supplemental protests, within 100 days of the first protest.

That means a final decision from GAO could come by Nov. 14.

The Pentagon will accept JEDI bids through Oct. 12. A second deadline extension from the Defense Department also mandated that bids must be hand-delivered.