IRS Says Online Tax Systems Are Back In Business

Susan Walsh/AP File Photo

Agency teams worked through the night to restore services, the acting administrator said.

IRS processing systems are fully back online Wednesday, officials said, after a hardware issue took down a number of apps on Tuesday, which was, at the time, the final day to file 2017 taxes.

The systems were been restored and processing taxpayers’ questions and returns as of 9 a.m. Wednesday, the agency said in a statement. The agency didn’t provide more details about what hardware issues occurred or which systems were affected.

The IRS extended the filing season for an additional day to account for any potential confusion stemming from the systems outages.

The agency reported accepting more than 14 million returns since the online filing systems were restored Wednesday morning.

Acting IRS Commissioner David Kautter said teams worked throughout the night to restore the systems.

“We are back up and running. The overnight performance means that the IRS is current with all of the tax submissions, and no backlog remains,” he said. “The IRS appreciates the patience from taxpayers as well as the help and support of the nation’s tax professionals and software transmitters during this period.”