Senior GOP Senator Asked Watchdog to Report After ‘Whistleblower’ Action at IRS

The request of the watchdog agency followed the release of confidential information leading to a detailed news report of how the mega rich avoid paying taxes.

Equitable Tax Policy Demands Household Data on Race, Gender

A GAO report outlines the biases potentially lurking in the current tax code, and calls for better interagency data sharing laws.

IRS Leader Explains Why the IRS Went to 

The agency needs to be able to identity proof online users at a certain level to be able to offer a full menu of online services, Rettig told lawmakers.

IRS Digitizing Tax Form 709 With New Tech

The agency is ramping up its modernization efforts, focusing on digitization and automation.

IRS Awards $70 Million Contract For Digital Modernization

The contract lays a foundation for machine learning and automation within the IRS’s business operations.

Officials Work to Create a More Empathetic Government

Recent customer experience policy changes are ushering in more human-centered agency practices.

IRS announces new office focusing on taxpayer experience

One of several lines of effort at the IRS to improve customer experience is digital services, which will include efforts ranging from digital signatures to expanded online payment options.

IRS will pivot to GSA's after this tax season

The tax agency is modifying its use of the identity proofing service for the current tax season, but plans to switch to the federal government's homegrown solution after the 2022 filing deadline.

IRS Suggests Need to Disclose Crypto Exchange Information to Law Enforcement

A letter the tax bureau sent to a key senator says stronger penalties for failure to report cryptocurrency-based income gains might also help deter cyber criminals.

Agencies Are Tapping a Facial Recognition Company to Prove You’re You. That Raises Concerns about Privacy, Accuracy and Fairness

Federal and state governments are turning to a facial recognition company to ensure that people accessing services are who they say they are. The move promises to cut down on fraud, but at what cost?

Beware of Emails Promising a Third Stimulus Check, FTC Says

The emails are impersonating the IRS and soliciting personal and financial information.

IRS Should Prioritize Auditing and Customer Service Modernization, Former Officials Say

Machine learning could be used to better serve taxpayers and help close the tax gap, they said.

IRS’ New Digital Case Management System Failed to Meet Early Expectations

The first releases did not include functionality end-users were expecting and failed to meet Section 508 accessibility standards.

After 3 Years, Key IRS Systems Still Aren’t Properly Encrypted

The inspector general attributed the delays in the agency’s data at rest encryption program to additional mandates and poor adherence to program management best practices.

Audit: IRS Needs to Improve How It Wipes Taxpayer Data  from Devices

Computer and laptop hard drives that aren’t properly scrubbed could allow exposure of private taxpayer data.

IRS’ Criminal Investigators Want Help Breaking into Physical Crypto Wallets

The agency’s digital forensics unit is looking for a small business to help make routine processes out of some nascent research into related hardware hacking techniques.