Audit: IRS Needs to Improve How It Wipes Taxpayer Data  from Devices

Computer and laptop hard drives that aren’t properly scrubbed could allow exposure of private taxpayer data.

IRS’ Criminal Investigators Want Help Breaking into Physical Crypto Wallets

The agency’s digital forensics unit is looking for a small business to help make routine processes out of some nascent research into related hardware hacking techniques.

More Than Two-Thirds of Americans Support a Surge in Staff and Funding at IRS

Biden has proposed additional spending at the tax agency, arguing it would help prevent wealthy Americans from dodging their bills.

IRS Offering $7.5M for New Ideas to ‘Digitize’ and ‘Digitalize’ Paper Documents

The sixth solution challenge under the Pilot IRS program focuses on the process and pipeline for turning paper documents digital.

How Automation Can Help Agencies Ditch Legacy Systems

Bots come in handy when few other capabilities are available, but they may help agencies bridge to emerging technologies like AI, too.

IRS Wants Tools for Cracking Crypto Wallets

The agency’s Digital Forensics Unit wants to “tame the cybersecurity research into measured, repeatable, consistent digital forensics processes.”

IRS Develops Digital Dashboard to Predict Dates When Contracts Will Be Put In Place

It’s one part of a larger initiative in the IRS Procurement Office to promote data-driven decision-making.

Treasury IG Details IRS’ COVID-19-Related Customer Experience Issues

Millions of taxpayers have had a hard time reaching the IRS during the pandemic.

IRS Commissioner Calls for Multiyear Funding to Help Recoup Potential $1T Tax Gap

Charles Rettig told senators the agency needs increased resources to address aging tech systems and years of personnel cuts. 

Pilot IRS Will Shift Focus to Key Technologies in 2021 Solicitations

Forthcoming solicitations will center on digitizing paper and poor-quality documents, high-speed scanning and automation tools.

IRS Needs Help Managing and Upgrading Legacy Criminal Investigations Systems

The two main IT systems that manage the tax agency’s investigations efforts are 10 and 15 years old, and users want new capabilities.

Why Can't the IRS Just Send Americans a Refund – or a Bill?

At least 30 countries permit return-free filing, including Denmark, Sweden, Spain and the United Kingdom.

IRS Offers First Look at $2.6B Contract Touching All Its IT Systems

The new Enterprise Development, Operations Services contract will include developing new systems and improving the efficiency of existing applications.

IRS Appoints Chief Taxpayer Experience Officer

The IRS announced its first senior leadership position under the Taxpayer First Act.

IRS Moves to Speed Up Contracting Through New Procurement Research Partnership

Data-management, machine learning and acquisition expertise will be combined in this collaboration.

IRS Leader Defends Agency’s Stimulus Check Performance

Lawmakers questioned whether lagging IT modernization efforts caused delays or missing financial relief payments for some Americans.