U.S.-Mexico Cyber Talks Begin With Focus On Critical Infrastructure

Joseph Sohm/Getty Images

The neighboring countries discussed cybersecurity best practices and sharing threats bilaterally.

Last week, the U.S.-Mexico Working Group on Cyber Issues announced it held its first dialogue on Aug. 10, with a focus on advancing the two nations’ cooperation on cyberspace and Internet security issues.

While cybersecurity dominated, the group’s first formal discussions also covered cybercrime prevention efforts and preventative measures taken via cyber hygiene and best practice adherence.

“Both governments committed to continue strengthening cooperation to build a more secure, resilient region and expand collaboration to address shared threats in cyberspace,” the press announcement read. “These efforts will bolster the ability of the two countries’ societies and economies to benefit from the opportunities that new digital and information technologies offer.”

Critical infrastructure in both countries was particularly highlighted as being a high-risk target for malicious cyber actors. Increasing threat intelligence communication to improve cybersecurity awareness posture within both countries’ public and private sectors. 

Sharing U.S.-developed frameworks from agencies like the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education with Mexican authorities is also listed as a commitment from both delegations. 

“The United States and Mexico reaffirm the applicability of international law in cyberspace and will continue to promote adherence to and implementation of the framework of responsible state behavior adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, in order to promote stability and accountability in cyberspace,” the announcement stated.

The U.S. government has prioritized fortifying public and private digital networks against cybercriminals following recent high-profile incidents that temporarily shut down critical infrastructure as well as geopolitical tensions.

Mexico has recently implemented its own national information security plans. In March 2020, Mexico’s Coordination of National Digital Strategy within the Office of the President launched its own framework to implement stronger data protection and cybersecurity practices within the country’s digital infrastructure.