Cyber Defense

Federal Cyber Leaders Emphasize Standards Development for Stronger Networks

The critical infrastructure experts upheld common cybersecurity standards as a key to resilient networks and private sector collaboration.

Transportation Needs to Improve Cyber Policy Implementation, Watchdog Finds

The Department of Transportation should better implement its policies for established cyber roles, including improving training and role expectations, according to a recent GAO report.

Voting Machines Must Be Test Hacked for Certification, Under Proposed Bill

The new law would require cybersecurity penetration testing as part of voting systems’ approval process.

DOD's Zero Trust Initiative is an Unique 'Unity of Effort,' Air Force CIO Says

The Air Force—along with the Pentagon—is also crafting guidance around the safe use of generative artificial intelligence tools and technologies, such as ChatGPT.

Lawmakers Reintroduce Legislation to Bolster Satellite Cybersecurity

The bipartisan proposal directs CISA to provide commercial satellite owners and operators with more resources and recommendations to improve their cyber protections.

How Tax Credits Could Present Near-Term Motivation for More Secure Devices

As federal officials call for tech firms to take more responsibility for the security of their products, some members of Congress and industry voices have highlighted the potential of cyber investment tax credits as an incentive.

Building Cyber Resiliency in the U.S. Government

The public sector is making progress but must embrace technological innovation.

Global Appeal of NIST Cyber Framework Leads to Multiple Translations, Possible Updates

The National Institute of Standards and Technology aims to ensure its forthcoming update to the cybersecurity guidance remains a flexible playbook domestic and international entities can adopt.

Rethinking Cybersecurity in a Boundaryless World

Government agencies are embracing a zero-trust approach to risk management.

US Teams Up With Partner Nations to Release Smart City Cyber Guidance

A joint effort between the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada and New Zealand yielded recommendations to prevent cyber attacks on increasingly digital infrastructure.

DHS S&T and CISA Forge Deep Partnership in Emerging Tech R&D

The Department of Homeland Security components are working more closely than ever to understand emerging technologies’ prospects and threats.

Government Must Work with Private Sector to Secure Space, Experts Say

Several former federal officials argued government should protect the industrial base without hindering innovation for space technologies.

Cyber Strategy Aims to Ensure Secure US Tech Design, Set International Example

Federal cybersecurity experts cited the importance of international and domestic partnerships in implementing cybersecurity standards and protocols.

DOD Launches New Site to Bolster ‘Hack the Pentagon’ 

The website seeks to scale the Defense Department’s bug bounty program by attracting additional white hat hackers.

NATO to Seek a Contractor for Website Cybersecurity Testing 

Those interested will need to go through a Department of Commerce approval process to be eligible to bid on the contract.

GSA Issues Guidance to help Agencies Buy Secure 5G

The guidelines for federal agencies detail best practices throughout the 5G ecosystem.

White House Takes Spyware Efforts to the International Stage

The Summit for Democracy will launch and fortify several global partnerships aimed at offering some regulation for emerging tech usage.