Cyber Defense

It's Crunch Time for Homeland Security's Continuous Monitoring Program

To aggressively move forward and to defend critical infrastructure, we must first acknowledge the hurdles that stand before us. 

Reimagining Access to Services with Government-to-Citizen Identity

With the traditional perimeter gone, identity management is the new boundary.

DISA Details Plans to Improve Network for Shift to Zero Trust

The agency's recent request for information also seeks feedback on its acquisition strategy.

Why Government Needs More than Money to Fix Cybersecurity Issues

A bigger budget has its numerous benefits but it doesn’t magically scale teams or thwart threats.

Demystifying Access Control and Zero Trust

As agencies rethink making temporary remote arrangements permanent, officials should start with proven ubiquitous encryption technology.

Biden Budget Ups Request for Civilian Agencies’ Cybersecurity

The president’s funding proposal also puts numbers on the National Cyber Director’s Office and other priority cybersecurity areas.

Agencies Are Getting Good at Buying AI But Still Have Trouble Securing It

A Homeland Security Department procurement official said securing and fielding advanced technologies is “not going to get any easier.”

3 Recommendations to Scale Federal Cybersecurity

The most significant single obstacle to progress in cybersecurity is not the technical challenge or even the workforce/skills gap.

The Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Hackers Had a Secret Weapon: Self-Promoting Cybersecurity Firms

Five months before DarkSide attacked the Colonial pipeline, two researchers discovered a way to rescue its ransomware victims. Then an antivirus company’s announcement alerted the hackers.

The Cybersecurity Executive Order Is a Missed Opportunity

This executive order is designed to strengthen federal cybersecurity, not that of the private sector, including critical infrastructure providers.

Critical Update: Do You Know What’s In Your Software?

In the wake of several major cybersecurity incidents, the government wants to shore up its software supply chain. Two experts explain the merits of some approaches and why there’s no silver bullet. 

Zero Trust or Bust

One primary consideration should drive implementation: who gets to see what content? 

Lawmakers Call for Pentagon to Prioritize Cyber Investments

Rep. Jim Langevin suggested in a hearing the Defense Department has not elevated its focus on the cyber domain enough. 

DISA Releases Initial Zero Trust Reference Architecture

The architecture will help the military “maintain information superiority on the digital battlefield,” according to the press release.