Cyber Defense

Building a Foundation for Zero Trust

Agencies have until 2024 to achieve five goals set down by the White House.

Survey: Majority of CISOs Aren’t Getting Cyber Investments They Want

The survey indicates cyber concerns do not always resonate with C-suite decision makers.

VA Needs More Cyber Employees to Support Remote Work and Tackle Shadow IT

Veterans Affairs leadership said that the agency needs to be able to provide competitive compensation to attract talent.

CISA is Seeking Cybersecurity Innovation Fellows

The Homeland Security Department’s cyber arm is looking for private sector talent to join the agency for up to four months.

U.S. National Guard’s Cyber Training Emphasizes Social Media, Supply Chain Protection

Ahead of the annual Cyber Shield exercise, military leaders will train National Guard and other military members to fight disinformation and protect critical infrastructure.

DOD Recommends NIST Align Frameworks for Cybersecurity Risk Management

An effort to update the framework for securing critical infrastructure from cyberattack is coming face to face with issues that have plagued the Commerce agency from the beginning.

Microsoft, Tenable Team up to Support Government Cyber Efforts

The partnership has roots in President Joe Biden’s executive order on cybersecurity last year.

Back to the Future: Protecting Against Quantum Computing

Lessons from Germany’s World War II code machine, Enigma, show that even “unbreakable” encryption can be cracked eventually.

National Cyber Director's Vision for the Future Flags Overdue National Plan

The office of the national cyber director is tasked by Congress to weigh in on agencies’ cybersecurity budgets.

GAO: Defense Department Isn’t Doing Enough to Protect Sensitive Information

Federal cybersecurity has been on the Government Accountability Office’s High Risk list since 1997.

DOJ Issues Guidance for Enforcing Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Nearly a decade after the death of open-access advocate Aaron Schwartz, his legacy is still playing out in cybersecurity policy.

Legislation Promoting Cyber Collaboration Between DHS and States Awaits Biden Signature

The legislation would improve information sharing between federal cybersecurity authorities and state and local governments.

The Cybersecurity Executive Order: From Missed Opportunity to Unexpected Progress

The impact of President Joe Biden’s cybersecurity executive order over the last year proved to go beyond initial expectations.

Survey: Most Agencies Expect to Meet Zero Trust Requirements

More than half of federal IT professionals surveyed are actively implementing a zero trust strategy.

Survey: 93% of Americans Fear Cyber Warfare Against U.S.

A consumer survey suggests Americans are taking some steps to prepare for possible cyber warfare.

Defense Officials Push For Cyber Standards Compliance, Citing Warfighter Needs

Officials from Defense’s CIO Office reiterated the need for strong digital defenses as conflicts take aim at critical infrastructure.

NIST’s Supply-Chain Security Guidance Tells Agencies: Look to FedRAMP First

The agency has spent years revising guidance for organizations to address vulnerabilities presented by vendors of software and other enterprise suppliers.