Cyber Defense

What’s Next in Cybersecurity

In response to unprecedented attacks, the administration looks to better secure federal agencies and the data they hold. 

Biden Launches Trilateral Indo-Pacific Partnership to Fuse Cyber Capabilities

The allied trio will also work on getting Australia a nuclear-powered submarine.

We Cannot Afford to Wait to Bolster Maritime Cybersecurity

Maritime ransomware attacks are on the rise.

Automation Is the Key to Continuous Cybersecurity Compliance 

Manually updating spreadsheets to manage the security of cloud offerings isn't going to cut it.

National Cyber Director Outlines Staffing Framework for 75-Person Office 

Chris Inglis is still trying to distinguish his role and responsibilities from other leading cyber officials.

The Government's Software Transparency Journey Moves from Plan to Practice

Allan Friedman, the leader of a transparency initiative at the Commerce Department, is now at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to realize the ultimate vision for a software bill of materials. 

5 Steps to Protecting Federal Data Repositories in the Cloud

From ransomware to exfiltration, cybersecurity attacks are targeting sensitive government data. Here’s a reliable approach to protecting mission-critical information.

5 Items to Monitor to Detect DDoS Attacks

Government organizations have been a steady target of distributed denial-of-service attacks.

White House Announcements to Focus on Advancing Cybersecurity Talent

Commitments are also expected from the public and private sectors for improving the security of foundational technology.

U.S. Expands Cybersecurity Collaboration with Singapore

The move comes as China has become more assertive in the region.

Augmentation for Data-Driven Success

Augmentation techniques can help the Defense Department implement its data strategy goals.

CISA Offers Vulnerability Disclosure Platform for Civilian Agencies

The platform will provide triage and administrative services while allowing CISA to monitor agencies’ progress resolving reports from security researchers.

NSA to National Security Employees: Avoid Working on Public Wi-Fi

The agency offered best practices for remote work using wireless technologies. 

The Most Targeted Vulnerability of the Year Was First Identified in 2017

In a joint advisory, international cybersecurity officials say failure to patch years-old vulnerabilities makes attributing cyberattacks more difficult.