Google Introduces New Security Push For User Accounts


These are small tweaks to close out Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Google is now requiring users to have JavaScript turned on when signing into their accounts. Likely, JavaScript is automatically enabled in your web browser of choice. But on the off-chance you've turned it off, then no account access for you. 

The tech giant announced this and other new measures in a blog post on Wednesday, saying it was to celebrate the finale of October's Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Google has also boosted Security Checkup Feature. If you're signed into it, it will access you to delete apps it deems potentially harmful and disable any of your devices that are no longer in use.

If you're account is ever compromised, Google will now automatically trigger a step-by-step verification process. This will include verifying your security settings, securing other accounts that might have led to the breach, checking for unauthorized financial activity and reviewing the content and files in your Gmail and Google Drive accounts.

 "We are constantly working to strengthen our automatic protections to stop attackers and keep you safe you from the many tricks you may encounter. During Cybersecurity Month, and beyond, we've got your back," wrote Jonathan Skelker, product manager for Google.

While the company is introducing these measures in the name of security and privacy, users should remember that Google has come under fire for being flippant with user privacy, from tracking users' location without permission to not disclosing a Google+ vulnerability that exposed the data of 500,000 users.