Beware of Black Friday Scams


While many people are looking forward to grabbing deals on all kinds of goodies on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, thieves are looking forward to grabbing your money and personal information.

Many security researchers have discovered that malicious online activity ramps up during this intense shopping season, CNET reports

Researchers from RiskIQ discovered hundreds of apps and websites that claim to offer deals but instead steal customers' information.

So you might think you'll stick with popular national retailers instead. Kaspersky Labs discovered that hackers ramp up their attacks on these retailers' online stores during this time of the year.  The security firm has tracked 14 types of malware targeting 67 major retail sites, from electronics to toys.

A lot of shoppers are likely unfazed by these numbers. In a survey conducted by DomainTools, more than 60 percent of respondents would be willing to buy from a site that had previously been breached by hackers. Additionally, 50 percent of those surveyed say phishing attempts are not something they consider while shopping online.

So how do you keep safe? 

Only download apps from the official Apple and Google app stores. Stay vigilant for fake websites designed to look like legitimate retailers. And generally, don't take the bait waiting in your email inbox.