Google Introduces Data Privacy Framework Ahead of Senate Hearing


The tech company is gearing up for Congress' questions.

Google has a lot of thoughts regarding privacy, so the company on Monday released a framework detailing its ideas about data protection. 

The tech giant released the document ahead of an upcoming Senate hearing where Google will face questions, CNET reports

The suggestions in the framework focus on giving users control over how their personal information is used as well as holding organizations accountable for compliance.

"This framework is based on established privacy frameworks, as well as our experience providing services that rely on personal data and our work to comply with evolving data protection laws around the world," Keith Enright, Google's chief privacy officer, wrote in a blog post.

The hearing is scheduled for Wednesday and will also include executives from Apple, Amazon and Twitter.

Google could face questions about its location tracking practices as well as its plans to develop an alternate version of its search engine for the Chinese market. Lawmakers expressed concerns of surveillance and censorship last week regarding the latter.