VA Officials and Lawmakers Have (Different) Issues With Push to Collect More Veteran Data

Republicans worried collection of religious, sexual and gender information would violate veterans’ privacy; agency officials said they already collect that data. 

Senate Committee Passes Major FISMA Changes—Including a New Definition of ‘Major Incident’ 

The Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee also passed an incident reporting bill with increased liability protections for companies, drawing praise from industry.  

Deputy National Security Adviser Lays Out Goals for Upcoming 30 Nation Meeting on Ransomware

Top cyber officials highlighted the importance of defensive measures as lawmakers move on related initiatives, including a bill to identify systemically important critical infrastructure.

Lawmakers Introduce Smattering of Bills to Avoid Future Shutdowns

The last-minute action to keep federal agencies open past Sept. 30 has spurred a flurry of legislation aimed at automatically funding federal programs in the face of congressional inaction.

Senate Bill Would Direct Treasury to Assess Crypto Mining Rates and Uses Over Time

The bipartisan legislation would require a Congressional report that dives deep into virtual currency use.

Senator: Competing Cyber Incident Reporting Bills May Merge

The bills could be attached to the National Defense Authorization Act.

Leading Cyber Officials Favor Fines Over Subpoenas to Enforce Incident Reporting

Incident reporting provisions are being considered as part of the annual defense bill.

House NDAA Includes Permanent UFO-Studying Office Within Pentagon

If the legislation clears the Senate as is, the new office would investigate military reports of unexplained incidents—and whether they’re linked to foreign threats.

Union Supports Revised Civilian Cyber Reserve Program 

But the American Federation of Government Employees is still adamantly against the creation of a civilian National Digital Reserve Corps.

Democrats Announce Plan to Avert a Shutdown and Suspend the Debt Ceiling in a Single Bill

The stage is set for a showdown, with Republicans opposed to raising or suspending the debt limit.

Union Wants Civilian Cyber Reserve Proposal Dropped from Defense Bill

The American Federation of Government Employees says private-sector stake in the provision is based on companies seeking a competitive advantage.

House Homeland Security Committee Approves $865 Million for CISA

The largest chunk of funds would go toward implementing a May 12 executive order focused on cybersecurity.

Critical Update: Cryptocurrencies to Save the Day?

After activists turned out to kill an amendment that would have set back the cryptocurrency industry, Nextgov decided to look at how the volatile technology can be used as a force for good.