Mark Warner Is Coming for Tech’s Too-Powerful

The senator from Virginia says he’s “very annoyed” with Silicon Valley’s “pathetic” response to security concerns.

Want Safer Internet of Things? Change Government Buying Rules.

Federal agencies could shape the security of connected devices by using the Federal Acquisition Regulation.

Lawmakers Go to School on Wi-Fi and Urge Online Privacy Rights

The Senate also finally passed a bill to change the name of DHS’ cybersecurity agency.

Senators, Providers Criticize ‘Unpredictable’ FCC Funding for Rural Broadband

“Cutting [Universal Service Fund] support cuts the legs out of the business case for rural broadband in many places,” said one telecom CEO.

Republicans Claim Deal on Federal Pay Raise, But Democrats Object to Terms

The preliminary agreement for a 1.9 percent pay boost runs counter to President Trump's recommendation for a pay freeze and faces Democratic opposition over other policy provisions.

Shutdown Averted, Congress Barrels Toward November

The House passed a slew of tech and cyber bills last week, but Homeland Security’s top cyber priority is still waiting in the Senate.

Should Congress Regulate Online Sports Betting?

The NFL is throwing its weight behind a federal framework, while the gaming industry blamed “burdensome” taxes and laws for the allure of illegal sports books.

How the U.S. Can Advance Artificial Intelligence Without Spending a Dime

Funding AI research is still critical, but experts say there are other things the government can do to speed up innovation.

Hackers Report Cites ‘Staggering’ Vulnerabilities in U.S. Voting Systems

The report from DEF CON’s Voting Village found one bug that alone could flip the Electoral College. Another has gone unfixed for 11 years.

House Passes Bill to Standardize, Centralize Grant Data

Without machine-readable reports, waste will continue, lawmaker says.

House Oversight Forwards Bills to Improve Gov Websites, Formalize CIO and CISO Roles

The 21st Century Idea Act would mandate dot-gov improvements including allowing e-signatures for citizen services.

Bill Would Give Agencies More Resources to Adopt Artificial Intelligence

The legislation would require the government to bring on more AI experts and map out the technology’s implementation.

Senate Homeland Forwards Bill Making It Easier to Ban Personal Email at Agencies

The committee also passed bills to shore up supply chain cybersecurity and codify DHS’ CDM and cyber incident response programs.

U.S. Must Keep Artificial Intelligence Edge to Keep Security Threats in Check, Lawmakers Say

Without heavy investment in AI research, the government risks national security and economic implications, according to a congressional report.

Lawmakers Weigh in on the White House Cyber Policy

Plus hackers attempt to crack into Senate staff’s personal email.