Congress Hammers Big Tech on Business Practices

House lawmakers grilled the tech chiefs of four of America’s largest companies, continuing its investigation into possible antitrust violations.

GAO: More Than Half of COVID-19 Government Contracts Not Competitively Awarded

While some of that spending went through existing IDIQs, some $7.7 billion in new contracts were awarded “using the unusual and compelling urgency exception.”

Lawmakers Keen to Break Up 'Big Tech' Like Amazon and Google Need to Realize the World has Changed a Lot Since Microsoft and Standard Oil

Those cases may seem similar to today’s situation, but this era is different in one crucial way: the global technology marketplace.

Oversight Democrats Want at Least $1B for Technology Upgrades in Next Relief Bill 

Lawmakers make the case that the funding should be included in any coronavirus relief package that comes to a vote to help address IT systems struggling due to surge in demand. 

Contact Tracing Demonstrates Need for National Privacy Laws, Lawmaker Says

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers said the technology being developed to aid the fight against coronavirus proves the need for a standardized privacy framework.

4 Senators Introduce Bill with New Tools to Compete Against China

The bill includes major tech proposals, calling for more investment and closer partnerships with allies.

Senate Voices Privacy Concerns Over Contact Tracing

Experts were gathered in front of the Senate Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Manufacturing, Trade, and Consumer Protection to testify on scams. But data privacy concerns bubbled over.

White House Cites Intel Sharing Efforts in NDAA Veto Threat

The related provisions would implement major recommendations from the Cyberspace Solarium Commission. 

Congressman Aims to Boost CISA’s Cyber Workforce with NDAA Amendments 

The proposals are culled from recommendations of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission.

Lawmakers Push to Make Telehealth Options Permanent

Early data shows patients quickly embraced telemedicine options agencies expanded during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Bill Would Push State Department to Clear Passport Backlog

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the backlog of Americans waiting for passports has ballooned to at least 1.4 million people.

Industry Group Urges Congress to Extend CARES Clause to Reimburse Government Contractors

The Professional Services Council called on Congress to extend Section 3610 authority in order to sustain the contracting workforce in a letter to leadership Thursday. 

Bipartisan Concerns Arise Over Cyber Director Legislation

Proponents say the new position would help balance and deconflict offensive and defensive operations.

House Appropriators Add Support for FedRAMP, 5G and Chinese Telecom Bans to Spending Bill

The committee also suggested adding another $25 million to the Technology Modernization Fund.

House Appropriations Advances Defense Spending Bill

Areas of concern for cybersecurity include building the workforce and 5G development.

House Oversight Lawmaker Wants Apple, Google to Step Up Security on Apps With Foreign Ties

Rep. Stephen Lynch seeks commitments from the tech giants to be more transparent about applications on their stores.