Senate Commerce Advances Cyber Grand Challenge Bill with Some Tweaks 

Bipartisan support for the bill is driven by a workforce development component.

Lawmakers Want ‘Immediate Action’ to Encrypt Calls Between the House and Senate

The group is pushing for increased security for legislative branch communications due to spying threats. 

Bill Proposes to Incentivize Cybersecurity Innovations With Cash Prizes 

The legislation tries to breathe life into a “moonshot” idea first proposed by tech industry leaders. 

What to Watch for in Federal Data Privacy Legislation

A draft of a federal data privacy and security bill takes into consideration leading practices for the states and those abroad. 

Senators Unveil Bill to Force Airlines to Provide Cash Back for Pandemic-Driven Flight Cancellations

If passed, the bill would also make cash reimbursements retroactive, enabling refunds for existing vouchers that date back to March 1.

Senator Pushes to Require National Cyber Director in Defense Authorization Bill

The National Cyberspace Solarium Commission recommended the position be Senate-confirmed and coordinate civilian and defense cyber operations.

New House COVID-19 Bill Includes Hazard Pay for Feds, Strengthens Protections for Telework and Sick Leave

Pelosi on Tuesday unveiled legislation that would provide up to $10,000 in premium pay for federal workers on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak and would prevent agencies from exempting employees from paid sick leave benefits.

House Democrats Urge Leadership to Begin Paid Parental Leave for Feds Early

A group of 12 lawmakers said the new benefit for federal workers, currently slated for implementation in October, should apply retroactively to December.

FBI Got Everything It Asked for in DNC Investigation, Refuting ‘Missing Server’ Myth

New transcripts released by the House intelligence committee shed light on Russia’s interference in 2016 election.

House Legislation Would Protect Feds’ Unused Leave During Coronavirus Pandemic

Rep. Jennifer Wexton, D-Va., has introduced a bill that would ensure that federal workers who are unable to take a vacation due to the COVID-19 outbreak will not lose their paid leave.

Senators Push for $26 Billion in the Next Stimulus Package to Support U.S. Researchers

The growing group hopes to help address the pandemic-induced challenges that research universities, academic medical centers, national labs and others are facing.

Bipartisan Senate Group Urges Hazard Pay for Feds

Nineteen senators encourage authorization of a 25% pay increase for frontline federal workers during the coronavirus pandemic, along with more guidance enhancing telework, leave and other protections for employees.

Trump’s Intelligence-Chief Nominee Vows to ‘Speak Truth to Power’

GOP lawmakers are seeking to fasttrack Rep. John Ratcliffe’s nomination, but his careful answers did not appear to satisfy skeptics.

Former FEMA Administrator Weighs in on Coronavirus Response

Craig Fugate told lawmakers that transparency from the nation’s disaster response agency will be important as hurricane season approaches.

House Lawmakers Press HHS Secretary for Details on Contact Tracing Programs

States are turning to smartphone apps and other digital tools that could compromise privacy, the lawmakers wrote. 

Republican Lawmakers Propose Bill to Support Government COVID-19 Research Effort

The COVID Research Act includes several authorizations, including $50 million to the Energy Department.