Congress Questions Leadership of VA Health Record Overhaul

Veterans Affairs officials said their upgraded health record platform will start rolling out in March, but lawmakers worry they might be jumping in too soon.

House Panel Approves 3.1% Pay Raise for Feds in 2020

The bill advanced by the House Appropriations Committee to the House floor Tuesday also would increase funding for a number of civilian agencies.

Senators Want to Know If CMS Paid China-Linked Companies for Genetic Testing

Sens. Marco Rubio and Chuck Grassley want more information on how the agency is protecting Americans’ genomic data from foreign entities.

DHS Cyber Incident Response Team Gets House Approval

Lawmakers passed legislation that would stand up a permanent team of cyber specialists to help agency and industry recover from digital attacks.

‘Space Force’ Shrinks in House Proposal

A bipartisan amendment would trim several generals from the new space-focused component.

House Passes Revamped Bipartisan IRS Reform Bill

The Taxpayer First Act would redesign the agency and boost identity theft protection.

OMB Chief: Contractors Need More Time to Cut Ties With Huawei, ZTE

Without the extension, there could be “a dramatic reduction” in the contractors that can legally do business with the government, according to acting OMB Director Russel Vought.

Lawmakers Want Government to Help Workers Prepare for Automation

Senators introduced a bipartisan bill that would require the Labor Department to analyze the impacts of automation and prepare workers for a tech-driven job market.

Audit: Pentagon Acquisition Reform Requires More Leadership Attention

The Government Accountability Office also flagged a lack of oversight for many of the department's mid-tier programs.

VA Expects 'Hiccups,' but an Otherwise Seamless Health Overhaul This Week

Some lawmakers and veterans groups are nervous about VA's implementation process for the new private care program.

House Panel Advances Spending Bill With 3.1% Pay Raise for Feds

The measure also would block the Trump administration’s plan to merge the Office of Personnel Management with the General Services Administration.

Bill Aims to Streamline Approval for Critical 5G Infrastructure

Senators reintroduced legislation to accelerate the deployment of small cells, which help power 5G networks.

DHS Would Get At Least $2.9B for Tech, Cyber Under House Proposal

The draft spending bill would set aside funding for new technologies at the border and a couple billion for the government’s central cybersecurity agency.

Tech Modernization Fund Would Get $35M in Draft Funding Bill

The $35 million is a middle ground funding number between what the administration proposed this year and what the fund received last year.

Space Force Clears Senate Committee After House Attempt to Stall

The Senate Armed Services Committee’s legislation “greatly increases the odds that we end up with some sort of a Space Force,” one expert says.

Lawmakers Want to Ban Warrantless Device Searches at the Border

Sens. Ron Wyden and Rand Paul introduced a bill that would curb law enforcement’s extensive authority over personal data at the border.

Senators Propose National 5G Strategy

The bipartisan bill would also fund removing Chinese equipment from existing networks.