Bill Would Hold Tech Companies Responsible When Their Algorithms Promote Extremist Content

The legislation would remove liability immunity from Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

DHS Biometrics Proposal Represents ‘Unacceptable Escalation of Government Surveillance,’ Senators Say

Five senators sent a letter urging the Homeland Security Department to abandon a proposal to expand its biometrics program.

In Response to the Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act

There is a balance that needs to be maintained between national security posture and upholding privacy—a balance that this bill is missing. 

Federal Contractors Argue Cyber Insurance Isn’t a Safe Bet for Better Security

The idea that a vibrant insurance market could be an industry-friendly cybersecurity solution may be based on a flawed assumption.

AI Commission Recommends Powerful CTOs to Prep for Great Power Competition

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence offers 66 recommendations for out-innovating China.

GPO Employees Overwhelmingly Satisfied With Leadership, IT Support During COVID-19 Telework

Employees gave their agency very high marks but asked for clarity about essential onsite work and use of personal IT equipment.

Senate Democrats Introduce Bill to Make Payroll Tax Deferral Optional

Legislation requiring workers, including federal employees and military service members, to consent in writing to have their Social Security taxes deferred between now and the end of the year has the support of nearly 20 employee groups.

House Lawmakers Re-Introduce Bill to Provide Legal Backing for Blockchain Records

It marks the latest of several other acts recently introduced that hone in on the emerging technology.

Lawmakers Outline How the Government Can Make AI Development Equitable

The federal government could open up its own research data to train systems and offer grants for educational opportunities to support artificial intelligence research.  

Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Protect All Feds’ Leave Following COVID

Although OPM’s current policy only waives the 30-day annual leave cap for essential employees who are unable to use their leave due to their duties responding to the coronavirus pandemic, Democrats in Congress want to extend the waiver to all federal workers.

Lawmakers See Equity-Enhancing Future for Telehealth Beyond Pandemic

Reps. Robin Kelly, D-Ill., and Anna Eshoo, D-Calif., view telehealth services as a key tool to promote equity in health care post-pandemic

House Passes Bills to Boost Emerging Tech and Shore Up Cybersecurity of Electric Sector

Lawmakers are calling for significant research and development efforts.

Lawmakers: Did DHS Surveil Portland Protesters’ Phones?

Lawmakers want to know if federal agencies intercepted messages or collected cellphone data—including through commercial sources—during Portland protests.

Lawmakers Propose $1M to Examine How Mis- And Disinformation Impacted COVID-19 Response

In particular, they’d like to know more about foreign and domestic sources propagating false information.

Senate Still Divided on Comprehensive Data Privacy Legislation

Though recent bills are similar, lawmakers have yet to resolve two polarizing issues: preemption and private right to action.