NTIA Announces Request for Comment on Intersection of Data and Civil Rights

The head of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration said the agency’s inquiry “will help us analyze the outsized consequences that data practices can have on marginalized communities.”

AI Research Task Force Votes to Send Final Report to Congress, President

The task force’s report details a plan for the AI research resource initiative, including governance, funding, security and ethics on issues like AI bias.

House Oversight Committee Probes GSA Administrator’s Telework

The GOP-led committee is seeking details about Robin Carnahan's telework arrangements.

Lawmakers Propose a Federal Reserve Corps for Digital Talent

The bipartisan legislation seeks to address the government’s tech and cyber needs by enabling industry professionals to bring their skills and experience to the federal level.

Despite Issues, VA’s EHR Deployment Remains Scheduled to Pick Up in Mid-2023

The Department of Veterans Affairs and Congress are continuing to support the rollout of the agency’s new electronic health record system, even as lawmakers remain concerned about the project’s cost and effectiveness.

Budget for All: What a Way to Celebrate the Holidays

Congress passed its whole-of-government funding package just before the end of the year.

Portman Optimistic His Bipartisan Cyber Work Will ‘Carry On’ After Retirement

The tech advocate noted agencies still need good cyber hygiene and anticipates AI to be at the top of the Congressional tech policy agenda. 

How Government is Dealing With Flying Space Junk

Space junk, or orbital debris, has become a topic of increasing interest among several agencies and Congress.

The Federal Government is Moving on Memory Safety for Cybersecurity

The issue of how coding languages might support software developers’ management of memory has recently gotten attention from the National Security Council, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and Congress.

Lawmakers Highlight Cyber, New Tech and Space in Proposed Spending Bill

The $1.7 trillion omnibus introduced by lawmakers on Tuesday would spur on investments in cutting-edge technologies, cyber defense and space during the 2023 fiscal year.

Omnibus Funding Bill Includes $50M for TMF, $90M for Citizen Services Fund

Funding levels for the tech modernization vehicles fell short of Biden administration requests.

Omnibus Spending Bill Includes a Ban of TikTok on Government Devices

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) told FCW on Monday that Congress might have more work to do regarding national security implications of popular video-sharing app TikTok in the next session of Congress.

GAO Dings OMB on Performance Goals for Agencies’ IT Management

The federal CISO’s plan for getting agencies to focus on cybersecurity measures the administration considers most urgent did not go over so well in a shifting Congress.

House Lawmakers Introduce Legislation on Space Situational Awareness

The bill will fund Commerce Department capabilities and NASA research and development on space situational awareness, which can help identify and locate satellites or orbital debris in current and future locations.

FITARA Scorecard Sees 7 Agencies Increase Marks Amid Cyber Methodology Changes

All 24 agencies received passing grades in the latest iteration of the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act scorecard, though 17 saw their scores largely unchanged.

What Social Media Regulation Could Look Like: Think of Pipelines, Not Utilities

A potential preview of what social media regulation might look like.