Google Chrome Update Helps You Stop Reusing Passwords

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It's time to stop committing one of the deadliest security sins.

People are notoriously bad at choosing passwords. That's why "password" and "12345" are some of the most commonly used passwords every year.

Even worse, many people reuse their passwords.

Sailpoint conducted a survey in May and discovered that 55 percent of IT leaders have reused the same password. This is one of the worst security mistakes you can make because whether the password is weak or strong, it means that if one account is compromised in a hack, it could cause a domino effect with all your other accounts.

Security experts have often recommended password managers to help curb password reuse. Google announced Tuesday in a blog post that they released a new password manager.

Built in as part of the Chrome Browser redesign, the password manager automatically generates long and strong passwords whenever you sign up for a new account anywhere online.


After Chrome generates the unique password, it will also automatically save the password to your Google account.

However, this means you should ensure you have a powerful password for your Google Account. If you're wondering the best way to create an iron-clad password, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has a few suggestions.