VPNFilter Malware Still Has Its Sights Set On Your Router

Casezy idea/Shutterstock.com

You may have recently heard that you should reboot your router to keep your home network and devices secure. If you didn't listen to the FBI's recommendation then, a new development could help convince you to take action.

The threat that the FBI warned about, VPNFilter, is more dangerous than originally thought, Mashable reports

Cisco Talos, the security research organization that originally discovered the threat, revealed an update to its findings in a blog post on Wednesday.

"In the days since we first published our findings on the campaign, we have seen that VPNFilter is targeting more makes/models of devices than initially thought, and has additional capabilities," writes William Largent, a security researcher for Cisco Talos.

The malware is mostly active in Ukraine. But people in other countries should still be concerned. VPNFilter can bypass SSL encryption in order to steal your most sensitive data and infect other devices on your network. 

There is a list of affected devices available. If you see the make and model of the router you use, it's time to take action. 

Reboot the router immediately and then update its firmware, if an update is available. If you conduct a hard reset, you'll have to do a lot of reconfiguration afterwords, but it's worth it to keep malware away from your devices and personal information. 

After that's done, check out other ways you can keep your home network secure.