Android Malware Is Infecting Amazon Fire Sticks


You could be in trouble if you've downloaded any apps that allow you to watch pirated TV shows and movies to your Fire TV stick. 

An Android virus has been found on these stick devices, Engadget reports. Known as ADB.Miner, it's a malware worm variant that will throttle your devices while it mines for cryptocurrency. The malware installs itself as an app called "Test" under the fairly innocuous package name of ""

If you notice devices slow, videos stop suddenly, or if you see a notification pop-up on-screen saying "Test" along with the Green Android robot icon, it's likely that you have been affected. But if you've never fiddled with the developer options on your Fire TV stick, you should be safe.

If you have been affected, there are steps you can take.

It's a pain, but a factory reset on your device should take care of the problem. Users could also download an app called Total Commander which would uninstall the malware. In the future, it would also be smart to not download any pirated media.