Google Will Soon Let You Easily Download All of Your Chrome Passwords


If you use Google Chrome and want to get your passwords and personal security in order, there is a new feature that can help you.

Google is coming out with a new tool that lets users export all of their saved passwords in a text file in just a few steps, reports Engadget. This would replace Google's current password extraction process, which is much more convoluted.

So, why would you even want to export all of your passwords from Chrome? Users can then upload those passwords to a password manager with more features and security options. Some popular password managers include Last Pass and the 1Password App. Both can help you generate stronger, more complex passwords than you can on your own.

"Password managers are useful because they give you the ease of access to that information, probably across multiple devices from where ever you may be," said Laura Bate, program associate with the Cybersecurity Initiative at New America to Nextgov last year.

Password managers aren't completely fool-proof, however. They require users to create an ironclad password for their password manager account.

The Chrome feature currently being tested by developers, and while there is no firm timeline for when the feature will be available to the public, those interested have the option of trying it out now.