This Smartphone Has a Cryptocurrency Wallet

Wit Olszewski/

Are you dealing with a lot of sensitive information?  Have you amassed a vast cryptocurrency fortune? Or maybe you're just generally worried about privacy? 

Sikur, tech company based in Brazil revealed their new smartphone on Tuesday at the 2018 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, CNET reports. The company claims the device, the SikurPhone, is hackproof, which is a very bold claim.

Like many other devices on the market, it features fingerprint authentication. SikurPhone runs a modified and simplified version of the Android operating system. All third-party apps must be vetted and configured by the company itself.

Sikur previously made the Granite Phone, a device that also boasted security credentials, and was marketed to business and government users. Sikur is trying to attract a new audience with this device's secure cryptocurrency wallet. 

"Securely storing information on our devices is one of our strong points," Sikur SEO Cristiano Iop said in a statement. "We succeeded with browser and messaging security. Then we asked, why not do it with cryptocurrency?"

To test the alleged security, Sikur hired researchers from HackerOne to break the device. The company claims that the hackers were unable to access the phone.

The SIKURphone is currently only available for pre-order for $799.