NIST Selects 12 Companies for Implementing Post-Quantum Cryptography 

Officials leading a standardization effort—based on four winning algorithms—are relying heavily on industry for success.

Federal Government Gets Serious About Post-Quantum Encryption Protection

A Phase III PQE contractor talks about getting federal quantum protection deployed quickly. 

Back to the Future: Protecting Against Quantum Computing

Lessons from Germany’s World War II code machine, Enigma, show that even “unbreakable” encryption can be cracked eventually.

EARN IT Act Reintroduced, Draws Criticism Over Encryption Implications

Sens. Graham and Rosenthal reintroduced 2020’s Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies Act, but advocacy groups fear it misses the target in restricting content.

NSA Cyber Chief Spells Out Near-Term Priorities

Ransomware is a top concern, but the agency is also looking ahead to defending networked weapons and post-quantum encryption.

DHS Issues Roadmap to Help Organizations Prepare for Quantum Computing Threat

Officials say there’s a lot agencies and other entities should be doing, even though it may be more than a decade before a quantum computer can decode current levels of encryption.

After 3 Years, Key IRS Systems Still Aren’t Properly Encrypted

The inspector general attributed the delays in the agency’s data at rest encryption program to additional mandates and poor adherence to program management best practices.

Apple’s Plan to Scan Your Phone Raises the Stakes on a Key Question: Can You Trust Big Tech?

Other large tech companies also have considerable control over customers’ devices and insight into their data.

Apple Can Scan Your Photos for Child Abuse and Still Protect Your Privacy – If the Company Keeps Its Promises

The company will use some clever math to sniff them for instances of child abuse without looking at the photos.

Critical Update: How Federal Agencies Can Help Avert Quantum Catastrophe

The White House is working on plans to roll out new cryptographic systems that will require epic levels of funding from Congress and coordination, both within the government and in partnership with industry. 

The State of Data Security in the Federal Government

Most agencies don’t have a solid grasp of what data they have or where it is located.

Leveraging Encryption Keys to Better Secure the Federal Cloud 

In the same way we use a key to lock valuable assets in a safe deposit box, agencies can lock up encryption keys.

DARPA Building Special Chips for Data Privacy Protection

Fully Homomorphic Encryption is considered the “holy grail” of encryption. But right now it takes too much compute power to be used widely.

FBI Director Says Extremists Flocking to Encrypted Apps Poses New Challenges

Christopher Wray told lawmakers tech companies are the ones making policies about encryption.

Insecure Communications Like WhatsApp Are Putting U.S. National Security at Risk

The proliferation of consumer-grade communications applications has given rise to widespread, unsanctioned use throughout the military community.

Is Now the Time to Start Protecting Government Data from Quantum Hacking?

The key to creating quantum-resistant encryption is to get away from the core strength of computers, according to one expert.