What’s Next for Government Data


Here’s how federal agencies are tapping into one of their greatest resources.

Data is among the government’s most prized possessions, yet it’s not a rarity; many federal agencies are practically drowning in it. The near ubiquity of emerging technologies like cloud computing have increased both agencies’ data processing and storage capabilities, and fused with the right collection of tools like analytics, machine learning and even artificial intelligence, agencies are poised to make more of the data they have to benefit the citizens they serve.

Yet it’s much easier said than done. Data management remains a major administrative and technological challenge, and agencies must now make more data open to the public. It’s not enough to simply push out piles of data, agencies have to make it machine-readable and useful to private sector innovators who can build off it.

In this ebook, we’ll discuss how the Trump administration is trying to improve the quality of data government collects and the tools and approaches agencies are using to make the most of their data.

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