Tweets Fuel Super Accurate Morning Traffic Prediction

Simple personal tweets like “Had a blast at the Pirates game!” or “This fender bender ahead is going to make me late,” can actually provide crucial information.

IRS Develops Digital Dashboard to Predict Dates When Contracts Will Be Put In Place

It’s one part of a larger initiative in the IRS Procurement Office to promote data-driven decision-making.

Democrats Question Justice Department on Use of Predictive Policing Algorithms

They also called for more comprehensive checks on the use of such technologies.

Defending Against Cybersecurity Moles Inside Your Agency

The move to a virtual workforce has been a boon to industrious hackers.

Nuclear Agency Awards Palantir $90M Contract for Data Platform

The contract is Palantir’s first at the National Nuclear Security Administration.

4 Data Analytics Trends to Watch in 2021

Expect more live data dashboards and APIs as a key enabler.

Air Force Buys Streaming Data Warehouse for Pathfinder, JADC2 Concepts

Data company Kinetica will ingest trillions of records of sensor data to create visual representations of the operating environment across domains.

DOD Released Its First Enterprisewide Data Strategy in 2020. Here’s Why It Matters.

While industry experts say the strategy lays a much-needed foundation, the devil’s in the details when it comes to implementation.

Thousands of Ocean Fishing Boats Could Be Using Forced Labor—We Used AI and Satellite Data to Find Them

Forced labor is a known problem in open ocean fishing, but the scale has been very hard to track historically.

Pentagon Targets Emerging Smart Technologies to Pilot in 2021

Companies are invited to apply to present relevant products during a solutions meeting next spring.

Now Streaming: Government Data

When leveraged effectively, streaming data offers tremendous potential for real-time improvements.

Army Wants Data Analytics to Spot ‘Emerging Tech Leaders’

The Army plans to issue a call later this month through its Small Business Innovation Research program.

EEOC Turns to Predictive Analytics to Understand How Pandemic Affects Employment Discrimination

The capability shows that the commission should expect an increase in the number of discrimination charges in the next six to 12 months due to the economic downturn, the agency’s chief data officer said.

Air Force Wants Novel Ideas for Building ‘Data Scientist’s Ecosystems’ at Operations Centers

The Air Force Research Lab wants tools, techniques and innovative ideas for shortening the OODA Loop.