How to Find Out If Your Facebook Data Was Used by Cambridge Analytica


Facebook's data scandal marches on.

Last week, Facebook announced 87 million people had their data mined by political firm Cambridge Analytica, 40 million more than previously thought. And now you should be able to tell if you're one of them.

Facebook users should see notifications at the top of their newsfeed, starting on April 9, according to a company announcement last week. These notifications will give all Facebook users a link that will let them see what apps they use and what information those apps have access to.

Some of these notifications will include if their information was improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica, seen on the screen on the right-hand side in the image below:


Facebook estimates that 1 million of those affected live in the U.K., while the overwhelming majority, 70 million users, live in the U.S. 

Despite Facebook's plans to change the way it collects data, many users are still concerned about their privacy moving forward. Even other tech companies are turning on the social media platform, and Mozilla released a tool to reduce Facebook's ability to track users across the web.