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Richard Florida

Emerging Tech

The Complex Relationship Between Innovation and Economic Segregation

It’s not just the tech industry that’s responsible for America’s stratifying cities.

Emerging Tech

The Geography of Innovation

The suburbs generate more patents, but cities generate more unconventional innovations, a recent study finds.

Emerging Tech

Who Will Build the Next Big Tech Hub?

A new report digs into the metrics of America’s emerging tech hubs, and finds some surprises.

CIO Briefing

America's Great Science and Technology Divide

More urban and diverse blue U.S. states score highest on an updated technology and science index.

Emerging Tech

Presidential Report Puts Cities at the Center of US Innovation Policy

The new report from Obama’s science and tech advisors outlines the case for an urban-focused technology policy.

Emerging Tech

Chinese Science Still Lags Behind U.S., Europe

Beijing is the world's top science city, but Chinese policies will prevent China from becoming the world's top science country.