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Congress Doesn’t Know How to Count the Number of National Security Professionals and That’s a Problem

Instead of addressing data security or IT policies around protecting classified information, Congress goes after numbers.


Social Media Monitoring in the Security Clearance Process

What – if anything – is the government considering in an online search of security clearance applicants?


The Future of Work Is Flexible

Even for national security workers, remote work options will be more prevalent in the post-COVID era.


How ‘Degree Discrimination’ Can Affect Feds’ Pay

As long as the majority of federal positions require degrees, opening up opportunities to pursue higher education will be key to creating a more diverse workforce.


For Government Tech Workers, Certification Pays Off in Higher Salaries

This chart shows the average compensation for the top 10 IT certifications for cleared and certified professionals today.

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What Federal Employees Need to Know About Evolving Marijuana Laws

New policies don’t mean federal workers should rush to their local dispensary, and national security leaders in particular are urging caution.

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OPM Cuts Security Clearance Backlog in Half, But Processing Delays Spell Trouble for Pentagon

The National Background Investigations Bureau is barreling through the backlog of clearance applications as the Defense Department prepares to take over the function in October.


You May Have to Wait 2 Years to Get That Security Clearance

The metrics fail to capture the real-world impact of the backlog, which includes careers put on hold and the loss of top talent, says Raytheon's Jane Chappell.

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The Government Wants You to Stop the Next Edward Snowden

For security clearance holders, the DHS campaign “If You See Something Say Something” is not a slogan—it’s a mandate.