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Lauren Fox

Lauren Fox
Lauren Fox is a staff correspondent for National Journal. Previously she was an associate editor at U.S. News and World Report, where she covered Congress, immigration, gun policy and politics. Her work has also appeared in the Atlantic, Salon, Bustle and more. She graduated from the University of Oregon in 2011 where she served as the Managing Editor of the school's paper the Oregon Daily Emerald.
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The War Over NSA Spying Is Just Beginning

Surveillance reformers notched a big victory this week with the USA Freedom Act, but they're just getting started. And so are the GOP presidential contenders who want to roll it all back.

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Senate Passes Major NSA Reform Bill

The USA Freedom Act earned final passage in the Senate on Tuesday and was signed by the president.

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Senate Advances Bill to Limit NSA Spying, Restore Patriot Act

The USA Freedom Act could pass the Senate later on Tuesday.


Here’s What the Senate is Planning to Do About NSA Spying

The majority leader is facing a choice between a bill he doesn’t like and a short-term extension he may not be able to get passed.


This Senator Is 'Shocked' by How Little Data NSA Is Collecting

The NSA bulk-data program is so scaled down, it might not even be effective, the Senate Foreign Relations chairman claims.