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Digital Government

If You’re Using an Android Phone, Google May Be Tracking Every Move You Make

Biking? Google probably knows you are. Up a mountain? It probably knows that, too.

Digital Government

Airlines Are Price Gouging in the Path of Hurricane Irma—And Algorithms Are to Blame

Travelers trying to evacuate in anticipation of Hurricane Irma and facing a big hurdle.

Digital Government

Government Emails Show USCIS Was Caught Off Guard and Unprepared by the Muslim Ban

Hours after the order was signed, there was still discussion over what steps needed to be taken by officials to comply.

Digital Government

Laptops and Tablets Have Been Banned From Being Used on 56 Routes to the US

Officials said the measure is necessary because of the threat of terror attacks on commercial air travel, including through the use of explosives smuggled in consumer products.

Digital Government

Transportation Department’s Fix for Airlines’ Tech Problems is To Do Nothing

“Airlines are already highly motivated to avoid situations like Delta is experiencing,” the agency said in a emailed statement

Digital Government

Federal Government Finds Few Buyers for Its Paywalled Immigration Data

No one has purchased access to the databases in more than two years, records reveal.

Digital Government

What We Know About the Hack of the CIA Director’s Private Email

The CIA said it was investigating but wouldn’t confirm if the account was legitimate.

Emerging Tech

Scientists Measure Nepal Earthquake by Bouncing Radar Beams off Kathmandu From Space

The ground has shifted beneath Nepal’s feet, and space agencies around the globe are rushing to measure it.

Digital Government

Analysis: There’s No Such Thing as a Tech Company Anymore

The label haphazardly persists, despite vastly differing businesses garnering it.