SSA plans to bring workers back to the office

Field office and teleservice employees at the Social Security Administration will still have some ability to telework even after the agency implements a "reentry process" for managers and staff.

GOP lawmakers seek answers on SSA's acting leadership

Five Republicans are asking the Government Accountability Office to clarify legal limits under the Federal Vacancies Reform Act of the term and authorities of the acting commissioner of the Social Security Administration, who was installed after President Joe Biden fired two top leaders in July.

Unions press SSA leaders for a new contract, workplace safety plan

Biden ousted top leaders at the Social Security Administration last month, but some union officials say more personnel change is needed further down the ladder.

Biden ousts Social Security Administration Leadership

After a recent Supreme Court ruling suggested SSA's top leaders could be replaced before their terms expired, the White House moved late on July 9 to do just that.

Unions seek a new contract at SSA, press Biden to fire Trump holdovers

President Joe Biden reversed much of his predecessor's workforce agenda in the first days of his administration via executive order, but unions at the Social Security Administration are unhappy with the pace of implementation of new policies.

Federal job satisfaction continues to lag behind private sector

The annual 'Best Places to Work' report indicates that almost 60% of the federal workforce teleworked full-time during the peak lockdown period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

SSA under pressure to reopen Trump-era union contract

The Social Security Administration is under fire from unions and congressional Democrats unhappy with the agency's pace in implementing the Biden administration's changes to labor-management relations, and many are seeking the ouster of the Trump-appointed agency heads.

Lawmakers probe telework's impact on federal jobs, hiring

Although the move to telework has presented challenges, agency officials told senators at a hearing emphasized the benefits in terms of hiring and productivity.

GAO: SSA's contracting guidance lacks agility

The Social Security Administration has embraced agile software development, but needs to delineate how contracting personnel fit into the picture, says federal watchdog

No failures, but some declines in 10th round of agency FITARA grades

Although all two dozen agencies got passing grades on the latest Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) scorecard, some agencies had cybersecurity and reporting challenges.

AI's true benefit for government

Productivity projections assume that federal workers and executives are widely empowered to make the most of the new AI tools at their disposal, but at present, this is not the case.

Agencies begin slow return to the office as COVID restrictions ease

Veterans Affairs, State, Agriculture and other federal agencies are ramping up operations and bringing more workers into the office.

FLRA puts SSA judges' contract on hold

The reversal pauses of the implementation of a new contract while a lawsuit against a subcomponent of the Federal Labor Relations Authority plays out.

SSA didn't share key information with judges union, arbitrator finds

The decision comes as the Association of Administrative Law Judges is in the midst of a lawsuit against component of the Federal Labor Relations Authority.

Connolly: Pandemic response hindered by administration telework rollbacks

The Trump administration's response to keep the federal government operational during the COVID-19 pandemic was hindered by early decisions to roll back telework programs, according to Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.), the chairman of the Government Operations subcommittee of the House Oversight Committee.

SSA judges sue Impasses Panel

The Association of Administrative Law Judges has become the second federal sector union to sue the Federal Service Impasses Panel.

GAO: Agencies are missing EIS targets

Federal agencies are slow to adopt the governmentwide $50 billion next generation telecommunications contract vehicle, according to a Government Accountability Office report.